Build a Healthier Work Environment, Part 1: Employers

Workplace Wellness: Knowing “The Why”

There are so many things that go into creating a healthier work environment for your company, from cultivating a healthy culture to living out healthy habits. The one thing we know is that a healthy work environment MUST start with the employer’s lead.

When considering workplace wellness the first thing to ask yourself is:

Do you and your company know your “WHY”?

  1. Why are you in the business that you are in?
  2. What is the purpose of your work?
  3. What values and desires drive you to make your company a success?

The more clear your “why” is to all of the members of your team, the better the chances for a healthy environment. The “why” should be clearly and simply stated in your mission statement.

Next, use these 6 simple steps to cultivating workplace wellness:

  1. Educate your team on “the why.” Can your employees readily state your mission statement?
  2. Make sure all teammates know the company values. Are your values clear to everyone in the organization?
  3. Ensure employees understand what is expected from them in their job. Are your employees job duties clear and understood by everyone?
  4. Hold employees accountable for doing their job. Do you hold your employees fully accountable for doing their job as expected?
  5. Empower employees by giving them autonomy to do their job. Do you allow your employees some freedom to decide how they get their job done?
  6. Be the example by living healthy habits. As the leader, are you setting a good example. Do you “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”?

Define your values and refine your focus. Once the focus is there, the healthy habits will follow.

Call BTC | BRIO today if we can help you get started on creating a healthier work environment. Our BRIOworks program has successfully helped companies improve musculoskeletal and physical health by building a culture of health performance. Stay tuned for the next two parts of Building a Healthier Work Environment series.

Corporate Wellness Programs Don’t Work: Here’s Why.

Corporate Wellness Programs Don’t Work. Here’s why.

Only 15% of Americans are self-motivated to go to the gym / exercise daily. That means up to 85% of adults don’t get the recommended amounts of exercise each week, often setting themselves up for unnecessary health problems.

For years, companies have tried to inspire their employees to live a healthier lifestyle by developing corporate wellness programs, many with little success. Research has shown that those most likely to take advantage of their employer’s wellness offerings are healthy people who don’t spend a lot on health care, and employees with the highest health-care costs are the least likely to participate. Some companies will even try to incentivize employees but still only 10% utilize this benefit. Bottom line… corporate wellness programs just don’t work.

Rich Baudry, CEO of Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO said, “Before we launched BRIOworks, we spoke to many CEOs and business owners about their perspective on corporate wellness programs.  We found that companies need programs that promote exercise and provide trusted medical resources to employees when they need it, in order to help them stay healthy and productive.”

That’s why we don’t offer a traditional corporate wellness program. Our health performance program provides timely advice, coordinates necessary care, and builds healthy habits through evaluation, education and engagement. And it all happens on the jobsite. We call it BRIOworks – and it does just that.  It works.”

BRIOworks is led by licensed physical therapists who provide corporations with a trusted medical resource. (A movement specialist to “catch employees when they fall.”)  Located onsite, our team is available to see employees at the first instance of pain. With timely assessment, physical therapists provide tips and guidance to address concerns early on, before they become bigger, more costly issues.  They don’t have to wait until the issue grows into a bigger problem.

“By providing simple tips and direction to dealing with common sources of soreness/pain, we give employees confidence and the education to get themselves better, quickly,” said Rich.  “Our clients have found big value in BRIOworks by helping employees to resolve their health issues, while remaining focused on their job.

The true value of corporate wellness programming is in the timely assessment, and care for the inevitable health concerns, that cost both employees and their company’s pain, productivity, and money.

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Take control of your healthcare, reduce escalating costs and lead your company to optimal health. We partner with companies to improve musculoskeletal and physical health by building a culture of health performance. From hire to retire, our programs alleviate many of the hidden healthcare costs companies typically bear.

BRIO physical therapists are specialists with a wealth of knowledge in physical health. With simple education and self- directed activities, we help partners prepare, perform,
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