Construction injury leaves former rugby player in serious pain

Digging holes for a fence injures former rugby player

Brian Maurice, a former LSU rugby player, enjoys playing sports and performing construction work. Since his time on the rugby field, he has been living with minor shoulder pain. However, while lifting heavy bags of cement and digging holes for a fence, his shoulder was reinjured leaving him in unbearable pain.

“The worst part of an injury is being limited, and perhaps never returning to my previous form,” said Brian.

Brian came to Baudry Therapy Center and received manual therapy and functional exercises.

Josh Bryant, DPT said, “I knew Brain would recover quickly from this injury once he knew what direction to go in. He was exercising on a regular basis but needed to clean up his routine. I just made some modifications to what he was already doing and helped him problem solve. He was eager to learn and tried to keep a positive attitude regardless of how his shoulder was feeling.”

“The first thing Josh did was educate me as to why I injured myself. I learned what was going on inside my body. Then, he explained how he was going to fix it, and more importantly, how to prevent it from happening again in the future. I trusted them based on other testimonials, but I did not expect to see so much progress in a short period of time.”

“Josh Bryant went above and beyond for me during the course of my treatment. He took time to educate me on my injury and coached me into consciously thinking about the way I move my body as I get older. My pain is gone and I no longer have any limitations, which for me is such a relief.”

Living with pain is not really living

If you are someone you love is experiencing pain, consult a physical therapist today. You only get one life, so make sure you’re living yours to the fullest!  Invest in your #1 asset – your health.  Call Baudry Therapy today if we help you get back to LIFE!

Building a Healthier Work Environment, Part 2: Employees

Workplace Wellness for Employees

A healthier work environment starts with you. Assessing how you feel about the work you do and the contribution you make to the company’s success is the first step to creating a healthier work environment. Take a moment to tap into how you really feel about your work.

Feeling GREAT about your work and your work environment needs continual attention and frequent re-assessment. Here are some simple steps you can take to feel great about your work:

  1. Understand the mission and the vision of the company. Why are you doing what you do? Find out where you fit into this mission, and how you can help.
  2. Live up to the values set by the organization. If there are no values, help your employer define your values. You must feel in line with the company values.
  3. Be clear about your job duties and be responsible for getting it done.
  4. Seek to add value to the company. How can you best use your talents to help the company be more successful?
  5. Look objectively at how things are done, recognize what works and doesn’t work, and offer suggestions for improvement.
  6. Be creative and diligent in working towards solutions for the things that aren’t working well.
  7. Take pride in your company and your contribution to the company’s mission.
  8. Contribute constructive ideas. Seek never ending improvement.
  9. Don’t settle for the ways things are. Work for the change.

There are endless ways to creating a healthier work environment. Start by assessing your attitude about work and take it from there. Find small things you can change and positive things will come.

Need a jumpstart at your company

Baudry Therapy Center can help your company develop a healthier work environement. Give us a call at 504.841.0150 to get a little jump start on your team’s health and watch productivity increase!

Catch up on  Part 1 of this 4-part series.  Next up, 15 simple steps you can do at work each day to stay healthy!