Golf Fit Series: How to Shoot Low Scores/Find your BRIO

Golf Fit series: How to Shoot Low Scores

Golf is one sport where more is not better! Keeping scores low is the name of the game and today we are going to continue to discuss how to do just that. For help with this, we engaged one of our favorite elite athletes (everyone is an elite athlete of course) Bart Dornier.

Bart Dornier is a 53 year old golfer who played golf competitively in high school and college.

In addition, he is a State Farm Insurance Agent of 29 years and a father of 2. After college, like most, he spent his time raising a family and developing a career. To no surprise, these obligations wreaked havoc on his golf game. Any father of young kids can certainly relate.

However, for those of you in the same position, there is hope. As you will see, Bart re-committed to the game he loves and has found a new enthusiasm and passion for golf. Over the past five years, with determination, commitment, desire, and goal setting, Bart has re-made his life, his game, and has unleashed his BRIO.

Now at 53, he is as competitive as ever, loves to play the game, and has some nice accomplishments to be proud of.

Bart lives what BRIO is all about and golf is where he finds his BRIO. The words that best describe Bart are tenacity, hard work/effort, and passion. In the past 5 years he has been relentless in his pursuit to play better golf. Some of his most recent goals and accomplishments include:

  • 2014:
    One shot short of qualifying for the missed US Senior Open, something for anyone to be proud of.
    Top 40 finish in Louisiana Golf Association Mid-Am.
    Top 5 finish in the Louisiana Golf Association Senior Amateur championship.
  • 2015:
    Make it to the US Senior Open.
    Another top 5 finish and be in a position to possibly win the event.
    Top 10 finish.
    Top 30 Louisiana Golf Association Amateur.
    Make the Ryder Cup team for both Louisiana and Mobile.

Bart is currently a member of 3 Senior golf tours, the Louisiana Senior Amateur Golf Society, the Mobile Lite Scratch Tour and the Emerald Coast Senior Scratch tour.

 Bart’s BIG 3:

  • Focused practice – Always have a target, a purpose, an intention for every practice shot. No random ball hitting. Like Ben Hogan said, “sometimes I hit five cuts, five draws, five straight balls then I quit.”
  • More time chipping and putting – Spend 70% time on chipping and putting (short game).
  • Play Games – Drop five balls off the green. Play each and see if you can get up and down with each one. Also try playing two balls and play the worst ball each time. See how low you can score.

Bart is also active in many charity organizations and works as hard and is even more proud of being:

  • A board member ForeKids Foundation, a non-profit foundation that raises money for local children’s charities through golf related activities like the Zurich Classic
  • Board member for STAIR-Start The Adventure In Reading. STAIR is a non-profit focused on children’s literacy, specifically geared to helping at-risk children finish the 3rd grade “on” their reading level.
  • Member of the Board of Trustees for the ULM Foundation, which is the fundraising organization created to support the University through private fund raising and advocacy.

Golf Fit Series: Hip Exercises for More Power


Golf Fit Series: Hip Exercises for More Power

Do you want to know how to have more power behind your swing? One way is to increase your hip strength. Hip strength is integral for achieving more power.

Add these hip exercises to your program and get some power back to your game.

1) Medicine Ball Throw: In golf posture, fire a 6-8 lb medicine ball into a wall. 15 times each way.  To see how it is done, watch the tutorial video below.

2) Hip hinge: Hold stick as shown. Bend forward from the hip, while extending your leg back. (2 x 10 reps)

hip hinge2








3) Bulgarian split squats: With leg stretched back on a bench, lower into a single leg lunge position. Keep your back tall and upright. (2 x 10 each leg)

Bulgarian split squat











4) Lateral band walks: Using Theraband tubing, step laterally to the right 20′, then back to the left. (Repeat 2 times)

lateral band walk









  • Games and challenges: Exercises to increase flexibility and mobility.
  • Golf pain: Improve posture and postural strength to get rid of pain.
  • Putting: Secrets to better putting.
  • Distance: How to hit the ball farther.
  • Performance: Strength and power exercises for golf.
  • Course management. How to get around the course with the right mindset for each shot.