While telehealth is not the ideal method of providing physical therapy, we’ve found that it really does work!  And now, most insurance companies are covering telehealth appointments.  Through telehealth, we’ve been able to help our clients:

  1. Problem-solve issues and develop healing strategies.
  2. Build healthy habits to feel better and prevent future injuries.
  3. Utilize their home space for their customized exercises.
  4. Reduce their pain and feel better.

Telehealth has pushed us to become better therapists because we’ve had to think differently, be more creative, and teach our clients how to better manage their concerns from their own home. Growth of any kind is a positive thing!

Now is a great time to get started.  If you have health concerns, give us a call today.  We promise to help you reach your goals and benefit from the time you spend with us!  Call 504.841.0150 now or book your telehealth appointment through the link below.

14 Days of Quarantine? We’ve Got You Covered

Home Exercises & Stretches to Keep You Feeling Well

We understand that these are challenging times and that stress levels are probably high.  The need to “social distance” from others can be mentally trying but it is a must if we are to help control the spread of the virus.

But, social distancing does not mean couch confinement. Exercise has positive effects on your physical and mental health. In fact, our bodies need movement, strength and blood flow to thrive.  When we move, we build strength, and improve circulation, while boosting mental health and clarity – all things you need during times of stress!

Here are some home exercises to help keep you healthy:


Baudry Therapy is here to help you in any way we can, whether that is in the clinic (maintaining our distance while providing the same excellent care you’re accustomed to), by telehealth appointments, or by providing you with in-home ways to stay well. Your health and wellness is our TOP priority.  Give us a call if you need anything! We’ve got you covered!

Now more than ever commit to living with BRIO.