Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO Designated Level Two WellSpot by Louisiana Department of Health

We’re proud to announce that Baudry | BRIO has been designated a Level Two WellSpot by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) for our commitment to making healthy choices easier. WellSpots are organizations or companies that have made small, sustainable changes toward improving health and wellness.

“Becoming a WellSpot location was a “no brainer” for us because health and wellness is what BRIO is all about. Our mission is directly aligned with this program and we share a common passion to help patients and employees live happier, healthier lives.” said Rich Baudry, Owner, Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO. “It’s a perfect way for us to demonstrate we practice what we preach.”

In order to receive this prestigious WellSpot designation, Baudry | BRIO met the following wellness benchmarks:

  • Be a smoke-free and tobacco-free location.
  • Incorporate breastfeeding friendly policies.
  • Implement a worksite wellness program.
  • Provide consistent, health messaging and education for patients and employees.
  • Promotion of the 5210 Let’s Go program, promoting healthy workplace nutrition for employees and patients.
  • Promotion of pre-diabetes and heart health awareness.
  • Adoption of a healthy nutrition policy during workplace meetings and events.

Well-Ahead Louisiana’s designation includes three levels of WellSpots, Level One, Level Two and Level Three.  Level One requires the highest number of Well-Ahead benchmarks have been met.

The WellSpot designation comes at an ideal time for Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO, as we’ve recently launched our new corporate wellness program, BRIOFIT WORKS, aimed at helping companies lead their employees to optimal health.

“We’re proud of the healthy environment we’ve created at Baudry | BRIO and look forward to continuing to participate in the Well-Ahead Louisiana initiative.  But, we’re taking our passion to other companies and helping them do the same through BRIOFIT WORKS.  With simple education and self- directed activities, our physical therapists help companies improve musculoskeletal and physical health by building a culture of health performance in the workplace,” added Baudry. “Essentially, it’s helping other businesses adopt a similar wellness mindset and furthering the mission of Well-Ahead Louisiana.”

For more information on the Well Ahead Louisiana initiative and resources available, please visit

For more information on BRIOFIT WORKS and how this program has helped Louisiana companies, click here.

Get Ski Ready this Season

Exercises to Get Ready for the Slopes

As Carnival season begins in New Orleans, many locals pack their bags and head north for the slopes!  But before you pack your gear, make sure you are properly conditioned for skiing.  Cardiovascular exercise and leg strengthening are a “must” before your trip.  You’re never to old to ski; you just have to properly prepare for it.  Watch Rich demonstrate some exercises that will get you ready for your next ski trip.

Here are some tips to help make it a great, injury-free trip:

  1. Add plenty of cardio to your routine. The air is thin. It’s hard to get oxygen to your muscles. Running, walking or other aerobic activity will help get your cardiovascular system primed for the trip.
  2. Strength training is crucial, especially for your core and legs. Muscle fatigue will reduce your performance. Lunges, step ups or leg presses are all excellent exercises for ski training.
  3. Brush up on your ski fundamentals. YouTube has some great tutorials to get you ready for the slopes!