Ideal Protein Success Story: Mary

Mary’s Ideal Protein Success Story

Mary's Ideal Protein Success StoryAfter a year and three months on the Ideal Protein program AND a whole lot of dedication and hard work, Mary reached her goal weight losing over 100 pounds.  She has lost a total of 72 inches.  That’s incredible!  The most important aspect of her transformation is that now her body mass index and her body fat percentage fall within healthy ranges.

Mary had accomplished her goal, but she wanted more.  She wanted to keep it off.  Just as Mary reached her goal weight, she decided to come to Baudry Therapy Center to learn how to maintain her weight loss.  With a dedicated IP coach, together they came up with a plan that Mary could achieve.  “We are happy to work with such a dedicated woman that is so motivated to keeping herself healthy, said Jessica Bienvenu, IP Coach.

Mary said she feels like she has been given “a new lease on life”. What a truly inspirational woman!  We are so proud of you, Mary!

Ready to Be The Next Ideal Protein Success Story

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