Back to Jazzercise after physical therapy relieves leg pain

Physical Therapy Returns Instructor Back to Jazzercise Class

Monica Courtiade is a Jazzercise instructor. One day while teaching class, she began to feel a pain in her leg which radiated down into her foot. She thought she was stretching her leg properly, but was actually causing the nerve more damage.

“It was such a scary feeling. I didn’t know how to relieve the pain other than taking over-the-counter medications,” said Monica.

Her journey back to Jazzercise began through a conversation she had with Meredith Delord, Baudry PTA and fellow Jazzercize instructor.

“I mentioned to her the pain and described what I was feeling. She recommended Baudry Therapy Center and guaranteed that they could get me back on track. I called the next day and got an appointment the following week for an evaluation. I was excited to start the healing process,” said Monica.

PT returns Monica back to class

After a comprehensive evaluation, Monica received manual therapy and functional exercises. After four short weeks, she said she was back to 90-95% of where she was before the pain and injury occurred.

“Everyone at Baudry Therapy was very professional and caring throughout my entire journey.  Josh Bryant was my physical therapist and he did a great job. He always had my best interest in mind. He was mindful of my goal to get pain free and return to my regular activities.”

“Monica had a great attitude and a lot of energy. She loves to be active and looked forward to learning new exercises that could help her return to jazzercise,” said Josh Bryant, DPT.

Monica’s High Praise for Team Baudry

I had a wonderful experience with Baudry Therapy Center and its entire staff. The receptionist, Shirnell, is totally awesome. She is very attentive to detail and very accommodating when scheduling appointments, taking payments, etc.”

The PT staff is excellent! They are all very professional, courteous and eager to assist with the exercises, making sure you are doing them correctly and follow through the entire process.

I was properly educated on the exercises and how to achieve maximum results through my healing process.

Also, I strongly recommend doing the exercises at home to increase your progress and support the therapy you receive from Baudry. I highly recommend Baudry for your physical therapy needs and I have already recommended them to family and friends who have mentioned needing this type of assistance.

Invest in Your Health

If you are tired of living with pain and you are ready to return to the activities you love, call Baudry Therapy Center today at 504.841.0150. We will get you back to doing the things you love!