Ideal Protein: A Weight Management Solution

The most efficient, effective weight loss programs require both a fundamental change in eating habits and an increase in physical activity. The process is complicated even further by factoring in the hectic schedule of a person’s daily life. Our BRIO weight management coaches work with BRIO members to incorporate the Ideal Protein diet into their daily routine.

Ideal Protein is a four-phase weight management program in which BRIO coaches offer enlightenment through education, support, and mentorship, throughout the entire weight loss process. In addition to providing the necessary encouragement along the way, Team BRIO and our Ideal Protein coaches hold participants accountable while helping them to navigate the setbacks impeding their success.

Maintaining weight loss requires a lifestyle change. Under the expert direction of BRIO trained Ideal Protein coaches, the Ideal Protein program attains a greater focus on education, informing participants about the main causes of weight gain and arming them with a strategic plan for continued success. Personalized coaching ensures the necessary support throughout each of Ideal Protein’s four phases. In phases one and two, BRIO coaches help set and achieve weight loss goals. In phases three and four, our coaches will focus on weight stabilization and healthy eating habits for life.

Because a proper education and understanding weight management strategy is key, BRIO weight management coaches offer a free seminar in which these experts discuss the details of Ideal Protein and introduce participants to the science of effective weight loss. Initial Seminar: FREE

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