THE PROBLEM: Healthcare costs are skyrocketing leaving YOU with the bill.

  • Healthcare costs have risen to the second largest employer expense behind wages.
  • US healthcare expenditures exceed $2 trillion per year.*
  • Insurance premiums continue to go up.
  • Access to service is going down.
  • Companies pay for more than 90% of all healthcare expenses.
  • Our healthcare system needs work.



Take control of your healthcare, reduce escalating costs and lead your company to optimal health.

We partner with companies to improve musculoskeletal and physical health by building a culture of health performance. From hire to retire, our programs alleviate many of the hidden healthcare costs companies typically bear. BRIO physical therapists are specialists with a wealth of knowledge in physical health. With simple education and self- directed activities, we help partners prepare, perform,
and recover from daily activity, much like a professional sports team.


  • 50% of all work missed is due to musculoskeletal (soft tissue) pain/ injury.
  • 80% of all people suffer from low back pain in their lifetime.

Building a healthy culture helps employees make lifestyle changes and develop healthy habits which reduces their risk level for:

THE ROI: It pays to invest in a healthy corporate culture.

BRIOFIT WORKS reduces the overall cost of care through:

  • Improved company culture.
  • Improved employee health.
  • Reduced health care expenses.
  • Increased access to appropriate health care.
  • Decreased absenteeism.
  • Increased company morale.
  • Decreased employee health risks.
  • Reduced cost of injury.

THE RESULT: Healthier outcomes, reduced health-risk factors and a healthy bottom line.

Real-life CASE STUDIES at a large uniform company.


  • We are THE trusted source for health and fitness consultation. When pain interferes with life or work, we address employees needs and concerns.
    No sick days, medical leave or costly prescriptions.
  • Our program is practical and accessible. Onsite services eliminate logistical challenges and provide for early intervention to address the little things before they become significant medical claims.
  • We develop programs that work within the clients existing culture to build a stronger, health-conscious environment.

Become a leader in health performance by partnering with BRIOFIT WORKS.



BRIOFIT WORKS can customize a program that is right for your company.

  • Lunch and Learn Presentations
  • Corporate Group Presentations
  • Customized Onsite Visits
  • Early Intervention Screenings
  • Ergonomic Consultations
  • Health Education
  • Onsite Physical Therapy

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