Ask The PT: Breathing Tips for Runners

Ask the PT: Breathing Tips for Runners

Ask-The-PTIn the next series of “Ask the PT”, Team BRIO provides breathing tips for runners.

Q: How can you get your breathing better while running.  I seem to breathe heavy no matter what I do.  I play tennis as well so I thought that would help with my running breathing.

A: Breathing for those new to long distance running is a common concern.  I think it can be more common in a climate like New Orleans where the heat and humidity are potentially complicating factors.  Below are a couple of articles that are specific to runners and both discuss techniques to better breathing, perhaps different than techniques you may be used to with tennis.  Both articles reference learning how to breath using diaphragmatic breathing.  The video gives a more in-depth description.  Most runners I know have had to work on this, and most develop a variation of one of these techniques that works best for them.

Breathing Tips for New Runners

How Should I Breathe When I Run



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