Physical therapy that keeps you healthy and full of life.

Baudry Therapy Center eliminates pain and worry, so you can get back to life.

Tired of pain disrupting your life?

Is pain preventing you from picking up your grandchildren, playing 18 holes of golf or gardening? You can regain an active, abundant life.  We’ll show you how with the Baudry Difference!  We’ve been helping our clients reclaim their life for over 30 years.

you have direct access to Baudry Therapy Center. no doctor referrals needed.

Pain and poor health keep you from enjoying the people and activities you love.

Pain costs you time, money and affects all aspects of daily life.

Learn how physical therapy can eliminate pain, save you money, and give you the freedom to get back to life.

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100 million people suffer from chronic pain. It is the #1 reason they access healthcare.

Learn how physical therapy resolves the cause of chronic pain and restores function and mobility.

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Feel Better. Live Better.

At Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO, we understand your frustration and we make your recovery our priority. That’s why we customize your physical therapy experience to give you the tools to eliminate pain and take control of your health. Are you ready to get started?

Here’s how it works: You will meet with a BTC therapist to share your concerns.  Together, we build a strategy for recovery and execute the plan. Finally, you show us the pictures of your great recovery!  It’s our proven process to get you back to a life, full of BRIO!

Our Proven Process

Call Ann or Paige at the front desk to schedule a physical therapy evaluation with a BTC expert.


Let us identify the cause of your problem and create a customized plan to eliminate your pain.


Trust the process and live a healthy, pain-free life enjoying the activities that you love.


Let's Make Your Pain a Thing of the Past

At Baudry Therapy Center, we treat people, not problems! We know that pain is personal, so we customize our physical therapy treatment for each patient, quickly reducing pain, restoring function and providing you the relief you deserve.

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