10 Week Tennis Training – Strength & Conditioning Program

We are excited to hold a 10 Week Tennis Strength & Conditioning Program at Baudry Therapy Center this fall.  This program is geared toward high school players striving to advance to the next level, boys and girls age 13-18. The program will focus on the physical aspects of tennis, with tennis-specific drills and lifts.

Players will focus on enhancing tennis performance by optimizing reaction time and explosiveness, improving footwork and quickness, developing core strength and stability, preventing injury, and maximizing each player’s athletic ability.  This program is safe for all ages. The drills and lifts are designed to mimic the functional movements of tennis. The Program Director is Kevin P. Dessauer, Physical Therapist and Member of the LSU Tennis Team (2003-2008).

Sessions will be held Wednesday nights, September 14-November 16. Two sessions are available, 6-7PM or 7-8PM. Please contact our office to reserve your spot today. We will email you a registration form and waiver. Players may bring their signed waiver form and check for $150, payable to Baudry Therapy Center, on the first day. Alternatively, payment may be made by credit card over the phone. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office, email [email protected], or comment on this post.