5 signs (that you may ignore) that you need to see a physical therapist

Let’s face it…you probably would call a physical therapist if you’ve sustained an obvious injury, or you are experiencing pain so intense you need immediate relief.  But many people often ignore some of those nagging symptoms because they are too busy for it today. They think they can simply live with the pain or wait for it to go away. Sometimes it does, but often, those small issues over time develop into bigger issues with more pain and limitations.  When left untreated, these issues can become very costly in terms of time, money, and the limitation of doing the activities you love.   Physical therapists help eliminate small problems before the risk of them becoming larger sets in.

Here are five signals (that you may ignore) that you should see a PT:

  1. You’re having to modify exercises, your recreational activities or daily function. While the pain doesn’t restrict you from activity, you still must modify or make small compromises. You may feel sore, so you limit your activity. PTs can help determine the root of the issue and fix it before an injury occurs or reoccurs.


  1. You’re starting a new workout or training programPhysical therapists are movement experts and understand how best the body functions.  They help you understand the proper mechanics, so you can train correctly and reduce the risk of sustaining an injury.  Why leave it to chance?

  1. Your recovery period is way longer than normal. It is normal to experience soreness following a race or post-workout if it dissipates in a few days.  However, if routine activities cause pain lasting more than 3 days, you should call your PT immediately.  It could involve a muscle, tendon, ligament, or joint that should be addressed.

  1. You’re waking up sore, but you didn’t do any strenuous activity. You shouldn’t wake up from sleeping feeling sore.  Sure, you may need time to warm up your body, but you shouldn’t be in pain.  More than likely, it is your sleep position, poor mattress or pillow.  A PT can help determine the cause of soreness and help you get a more restful night of sleep.

  1. You’re noticing unusual pain, or unexplainable, visible changes. If you observe swelling or other changes to your joints or other parts of the body, especially after a training session, you should contact a physical therapist as soon as possible. You could be making an underlying injury even worse.


Don’t let the nagging issues turn into bigger injuries.  Call Baudry Therapy Center today if you are experiencing any of the 5 signs above.  Invest in your best asset – your own health!

Life is a Movement Journey, Here’s How PT Can Help

Now that spring has arrived, temperatures are starting to rise in New Orleans. And that means the transition from heating our homes to cooling our homes is right around the corner. No matter what method you use to cool your home during the warm spring and summer months (central air conditioning, window units, or fans and dehumidifiers), each spring you cross your fingers that your approach still works. If not, you might be calling an expert for a tune-up, or in extreme circumstances, you might need a complete overhaul.

Just like an AC system that has probably been dormant for many months of the year, a body that hasn’t been physically engaged on a regular basis may have trouble getting started again. And yet, this time of year, the warm temps draw many people to city and suburban streets, tracks and trails, ready to take that first run of the season. A good percentage of these spring runners haven’t kept up their strides throughout the winter. It should come as no surprise that a 4-mile run for a previously inactive person is going to stir up a few aches and pains. Especially as we age, our ability to move undergoes changes. But whether we’re talking about a college student or a retiree, returning to an activity without proper planning is a recipe for disaster. That’s where physical therapy comes in. Physical therapists are trained to treat injuries and ease the pain, but they can also help their patients prevent injuries and safely prepare to participate in new activities.

Think of physical therapists as “movement consultants” who can ensure that your body is physically ready to tackle a new challenge—or resume a favorite leisure activity. Here’s another example to illustrate what we’re talking about: Let’s say that you play in an adult soccer league and you’re preparing to play in your first game of the season in a few weeks. You probably hung up your cleats when the last season ended months ago, but expect to pick up just where you left off. But it’s simply too much to ask for your 2019 debut on the field to be on the same level as the last game of the previous season when you likely had reached peak performance.

This is a good time for you to let Baudry PT step in and help you shake off the rust. We can customize an exercise plan to help you slowly return to sport and avoid an injury that could sideline you for the whole season. Or like cleaning the filters before firing up your air conditioner for the first time this year, the rehab expert can help to ensure that your body is prepared to return to its former activity level following a hiatus. Let us get you back in the game. Call 504.841.0150 to book your appointment today!