Building a Healthier Work Environment, Part 2: Employees

Workplace Wellness for Employees

A healthier work environment starts with you. Assessing how you feel about the work you do and the contribution you make to the company’s success is the first step to creating a healthier work environment. Take a moment to tap into how you really feel about your work.

Feeling GREAT about your work and your work environment needs continual attention and frequent re-assessment. Here are some simple steps you can take to feel great about your work:

  1. Understand the mission and the vision of the company. Why are you doing what you do? Find out where you fit into this mission, and how you can help.
  2. Live up to the values set by the organization. If there are no values, help your employer define your values. You must feel in line with the company values.
  3. Be clear about your job duties and be responsible for getting it done.
  4. Seek to add value to the company. How can you best use your talents to help the company be more successful?
  5. Look objectively at how things are done, recognize what works and doesn’t work, and offer suggestions for improvement.
  6. Be creative and diligent in working towards solutions for the things that aren’t working well.
  7. Take pride in your company and your contribution to the company’s mission.
  8. Contribute constructive ideas. Seek never ending improvement.
  9. Don’t settle for the ways things are. Work for the change.

There are endless ways to creating a healthier work environment. Start by assessing your attitude about work and take it from there. Find small things you can change and positive things will come.

Need a jumpstart at your company

Baudry Therapy Center can help your company develop a healthier work environement. Give us a call at 504.841.0150 to get a little jump start on your team’s health and watch productivity increase!

Catch up on  Part 1 of this 4-part series.  Next up, 15 simple steps you can do at work each day to stay healthy!


Learning to walk again just in time to cruise into Puerto Rico

Julie Buhrer lived a very active lifestyle.  As an Independent Stylist with Cabi, a successful women’s clothing business, she is often required to move heavy racks of clothes. Pilates has always helped her stay in shape and flexible for her job.

The Spring clothing season was about to begin in January when Julie started experiencing debilitating headaches, so painful that she labored to sit up on her own.  She thought it was a sinus headache, but it wouldn’t go away.

After multiple CT scans, CT Meylograms, and MRIs at different hospitals, Julie was finally diagnosed with a rare, spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak which was the size of a buttonhole.

“Dr. Frank Culicchia, a neurosurgeon at West Jefferson General Hospital, took such great care of me.  When he realized that I needed specialized neuro care, he became a fierce advocate for me to go to the Mayo Clinic.  With his help, I became a patient in February and was put on strict bed rest until my blood patch procedures in March and surgery in April.”

“I was very nervous to have this surgery, but I knew it was necessary.  My quality of life had drastically decreased, and I couldn’t do any of the things I use to do,” said Julie. “I had full faith in Dr. Culicchia because he took such great care of me when others hadn’t done so.”

Julie boarded a plane for Rochester, Minneapolis for the Mayo Clinic the second week of March. Her doctors performed two blood patch procedures to plug the leak in her spine.  This procedure was safe and non-invasive, and afterward, they sent her home.

Unfortunately, the first procedures did not work.  She would have to return to the Mayo Clinic in April in a snowstorm for a 5.5-hour spine surgery including a laminectomy of T6-T9 to repair the Ventral Anterior Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak at T-8. Dr. W. Richard Marsh (Mayo Clinic) performed the surgery.

During the surgery, Julie sustained minor nerve damage, and as a result, lost feeling in both her left and right sides.  She regained feeling an hour post-op of the closure of incision wound.  After 1 1/2 weeks in the hospital and the surrounding area of Rochester for monitoring, she traveled back to New Orleans using the assistance of a walker.

Julie said, “A couple of weeks after my second surgery, I returned to Dr. Culicchia for a check-up.  It was extremely difficult for me to get up and I could only walk baby steps.  My gait was bad, forcing me to start at the beginning and learn how to walk again. In addition, I experienced intense pain near my incision and I wanted to wean myself off the pain medication.  Dr. Culicchia recommended physical therapy.”

Julie found Baudry Therapy Center and scheduled her first appointment on May 15 with physical therapist Taryn Cohn and PTA Christina Combel.

“Taryn and Christina were awesome.  They tailored a physical therapy program to my needs and were extremely patient with me and my fear of being reinjured. We started with simple functional exercises to help me get out of bed and rise from a chair. Then they performed soft tissue massage to decrease my inflammation and strengthen my muscles. I received a customized exercise routine, and with their help, I got stronger and gained my confidence to walk normal again.”

“When I met Julie, I knew right away that she was determined, focused on her recovery, and resilient,” said Christina Combel, PTA. “She always gave 110% in the clinic with everything we gave her. Even when she was in horrible pain, she managed to put a smile on our faces with her amazing attitude and her unwillingness to give up. It’s been amazing watching her progress since starting PT!”

Twelve weeks post-surgery Julie’s MRI showed no fluid in the spine and no brain swag.  She was cleared to go on her cruise to Puerto Rico and the southern Carribean.

“I was so excited to be able to go on my cruise and have the strength to tour Fort El Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.”

Taryn Cohn, MPT, OCS said, “Success in physical therapy relies almost entirely on the attitude of the participant.  Desire to succeed and faith that it is possible is required to overcome the sort of obstacles Julie was facing when she started rehab.   It has been a real pleasure watching Julie achieve her goals and get back to the life she loves.”

“My overall experience with Baudry Therapy Center has been phenomenal.  Everyone knew my story and was wonderfully supportive and compassionate throughout my PT journey.  I can’t say it enough. I couldn’t have done it without them. I am so blessed.”