7 Tips to Restructure Your New “Normal”

There is nothing normal about the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Our daily routines have been completely disrupted. But…what if that is a good thing?   In order to grow, we must adapt to our new “normal” and create a daily routine that keeps us healthy and feeling well. Here are a few tips that can help restructure your new “normal”.

7 Tips to Restructure Your Daily Routine

  1. Plan time for yourself. Clear your head by meditating, praying, or using breathing techniques to divert attention away from any stress.
  2. Exercise regularly. Increase your movement. Find something physical you like to do and stick with it.
  3. Work hard. Whether that means working from home, homeschooling kids, or finishing those to-dos that have been on your list forever, make sure to give it your all!
  4. Enjoy social/ recreation time.  FaceTime with a friend. Read a book. Pull out those paints.
  5. Start a journal of gratitude.  
  6. Sketch out your plan for tomorrow. Make your to-do list with reasonable expectations. This will give you a sense of control, and reduce useless worry.
  7. Get better sleep! Turn off all electronics and try to get 7-9 hours per night.


What does your new “normal” look like?   We’re here if you need help creating your new routine or setting your new goals.  Give us a call at (504) 841.0150.  We’re happy to help you find your BRIO! 



While telehealth is not the ideal method of providing physical therapy, we’ve found that it really does work!  And now, most insurance companies are covering telehealth appointments.  Through telehealth, we’ve been able to help our clients:

  1. Problem-solve issues and develop healing strategies.
  2. Build healthy habits to feel better and prevent future injuries.
  3. Utilize their home space for their customized exercises.
  4. Reduce their pain and feel better.

Telehealth has pushed us to become better therapists because we’ve had to think differently, be more creative, and teach our clients how to better manage their concerns from their own home. Growth of any kind is a positive thing!

Now is a great time to get started.  If you have health concerns, give us a call today.  We promise to help you reach your goals and benefit from the time you spend with us!  Call 504.841.0150 now or book your telehealth appointment through the link below.