Louisiana Walks for Parkinson’s

Louisiana and BTC/BRIO Walked for Parkinson’s Disease This Saturday

parkinsonwalk_6Team BRIO/BTC participated in the Louisiana Walks for Parkinson’s race this past Saturday to show our support for our friends with Parkinson’s.  We were pleased to see over 400 registrants teamed up to raise money and awareness for this serious disease.  We couldn’t be any more proud of our patients.

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Parkinson’s disease is a neuromuscular disease which affects a number of brain/body functions. One of the biggest effects of Parkinson’s is a difficulty with movement. The classic signs of  Parkinson’s disease usually include one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Tremor: a shaking or oscillating movement often in one arm or leg, and usually appears when a person’s muscles are relaxed, or at rest, hence the term “resting tremor.”
  • Rigidity: stiffness and inflexibility of the limbs, neck and trunk
  • Akinesia/Bradykinesia: “slow movement.” A general reduction or “smallness” of movement. This can include shuffling, slow gait, and a soft mumbling speech
  • Postural instability: Flexed, hunched over posture, with a tendency to be unstable when standing.

The early signs of Parkinson’s Disease often go unidentified. It takes a keen eye and an experienced practitioner to identify the condition early on; however, early detection can save you time, frustration, and function.

If you or a loved one suspects that they may have signs of Parkinson’s disease, please don’t hesitate to call us.  We can help direct you to the right doctor and get the information that you need. In New Orleans we are fortunate to have three great movement disorder specialists: Dr. David Houghton, Dr. Georgia Lea, and Dr. Brian Copeland.  When seeing any of these three, we know you will be in good hands!

Also in attendance Mr. Ted Thompson CEO of the  Parkinson’s Action Network.

To learn more about treating Parkinson’s, CLICK HERE.