Golf Fit Series: Dress Well to Play Well

Golf Fit Series: Dress Well to Play Well

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Golf is one of the few professional sports that does not require a uniform. However, dressing to impress is still important, whether you are networking on the links or trying to play well. In this last installment of the How to Shoot Low Scores series, we are talking about looking good on the course.

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There is plenty of information out there about dressing for success. You often hear the phrase “dress for the job you want, not the one you have.”  In many aspects of life, dressing like a professional means you act like a professional. If you continue to act like a professional, then it may follow that you will play like a professional and thus, improve your scoring.

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So for some tips on how to dress for success this year, we’ve connected once again with our local PGA golf professional, David Marchand, the hands down, most fashionable golf pro in town. See here what he has to say about the fashions for the year:

You can also read more tips by visiting the following links: Lifehacker, Men’s Well Dressed Fashion, and The Washington Post.

While this is the end of our Golf Fit Series on How to Shoot Lower Scores, stay tuned for additional series on getting the right exercise for better golf.