Team Baudry/BRIO score BIG

Team Baudry/BRIO score BIG in the 2nd annual Old Metairie Crawfish Festival and Cook Off Saturday.

crawfish cook off

Double paddle winners, Team Baudry/BRIO took 3rd place in both the People’s Choice and the Judge’s competition.

Congratulations to overall winner’s, Team Liljeberg and Team People’s Choice for their outstanding effort!

All 28 teams showed skill, talent, and endurance to make it through the event.

While enjoying everyone’s cooking and secret techniques, we found some great tips to share:

  1. Jalapeño and pineapple… Surprisingly tasty
  2.  Deanie’s crawfish mix. Nice blend of spices.
  3. Frozen orange juice. Adds a nice balance of flavors.
  4. Lemon oil/lemon zest for a more citrus flavor
  5. Captain Sid’s crawfish mix.
  6. Tabasco Sauce

Other surprisingly good additions:

  1. Sweet potatoes… yum!
  2. Brussel Sprouts … yes, very good, but beware of eating too many!
  3. Artichoke … good, but tricky to get right.

Thanks to all who came out and added to the fun.

Rett Pourciau and the St. Catherine Men’s Club team did an outstanding job once again