Patient Success Story: Diane Killeen

photo of Dianne Killeen - patient success storyI thought my knees were doomed. Although I am very active, my knees would freeze and become stiff on a daily basis. They were swollen and I was always in pain. My grandmother had arthritis so I just assumed I was in for it, too.

After my initial consultation, Rich said he was confident that I could have pain-free knees and avoid surgery. I signed up that same day. After a few weeks of diligence, work and expert guidance – I was a new person – the pain was alleviated.

My HUGE knees looked normal! My first exclamation was “I have knees!” and ordered all in ear-shot to take a look. My mother was so excited that we had to meet up just so she could see for herself. My boyfriend was shocked because he had never seen me without the huge rounded knee joints. He actually stopped in at Baudry Therapy Center and spotted me across the room and on impulse said, “wow, you can see your knee caps!!!!”

At Baudry Therapy Center, I learned how muscle groups work and why my knees were failing. The exercises and biweekly visits gave me the tools I needed to strengthen and correct years of misuse. The entire team at Baudry Therapy is knowledgeable and pleasant which makes all the difference in the world when you are faced with physical pain. The facility is serene and gives a spa-like feeling while in a medical setting. It completes the experience. I have and will continue to recommend Baudry Therapy Center to everyone. It works!