Commit to a great 2015: Find the “WHY”

Commit to a great 2015: Find the “WHY”

Happy-New-Year-2015-Goals-ImagesNow that you have decided on a SMART goal, it’s time to get fully committed.  But how?  First step is Finding the “WHY”!

Ask yourself, “Why did I make this goal – to be healthy enough to play with my kids, ride roller coasters, ski, or play tennis? Will my goal help me do more of the things I love like play golf?”

Write down your “WHY” in big letters and post it in a highly visible place so you can refer to it often. The stronger and more important the “WHY” is for you, the more likely you will achieve the goal.

Here are some tips to help you get and stay committed:

  1. Make visual reminders of the “Why.” Continue to ask yourself, “why is this goal important to me?”
  2. Enlist a trainer, therapist, coach, or expert in the field to develop the right schedule, activities and timing needed to reach your goals.
  3. Sign up for exercise groups like the NOTC, classes or events which will push you toward your goal.
  4. Recruit a friend/workout buddy to set their own goal. Keep each other accountable, even on  the tough days.
  5. Shrink the goal into manageable sizes -small, easily reachable goals which you feel at least 80% sure you can accomplish.
  6. Celebrate each time you reach an interim goal. Award yourself with a gift, a dessert, or something else you love.
  7. Put your workout schedule on your daily calendar and stick to it.   Having a consistent time and days to complete your workouts will help you stay committed.
  8. Read inspiring books and watch inspiring movies that stir up the “can do” spirit .

These are 8 possible ways to help you get committed to reaching your goal. Pick those that resonate with you and make it happen. For more ideas on how to stay committed to your goals, give us a shout. We’d love to help you stay on track.