Be Like Brees: Suspension Training at BTC

Looking for a new type of exercise?

Can’t fit a multi-gym in your house?

Try TRX…

TRX, Total Body Resistance Exercise, is a new and exciting workout tool we have incorporated at Baudry Therapy Center (BTC).  The great news about TRX is that it’s extremely versatile and does not discriminate it’s users as it is adaptable to suit anyone–from young to old, from de-conditioned to the performance athlete.  As a matter of fact TRX is a regular part of Drew Brees’ workout. Who Dat!

TRX is equipment that can be used to gain strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility.  For being such a simple piece of equipment you can do so many exercises with it! It takes up very little space and can provide a wide range of challenges to your musculoskeletal system. Your body weight and angle of pull provide the resistance.  TRX promotes core stability by challenging the trunk stabilizers while isolating different body parts. Beyond being beneficial as a core stabilizer and strengthening tool, the TRX allows for high-level coordination and functional training in all planes of motion.  Strength and stability in all panes of motion guarantees better function and performance.  Just ask Drew Brees…

Come to Baudry Therapy Center to work with our experts and see for yourself what a difference suspension training can do for you! TRX is such a simple piece of equipment yet you can perform so many exercises with it.

by Brandon Rousseve
CPT, TRX Certified for Baudry Therapy Center

strength, balance, motion…for fitness, for life