BRIO Fitness Challenge for April

BRIO Fitness Challenge for April

So we’ve made it through the first quarter of the year and we’ve been pretty good. We have been moving more and feeling better. Now we will shift gears briefly.  With life being so busy, stress and muscle tension can creep up on us and  contribute to some aches, pains, and sub-par performances. So this month we will take a break and look at some ways to reduce stress and muscular tension. For the BRIO Fitness Challenge April variety, I give you the

  • foam roll release
  • ball on the wall release
  • quiet diaphragmatic breathing exercise

These are 3 great ways to reduce muscle tension and promote better performance:

1) Lie long ways on the foam roller resting your back and head along the roller. Bend your knees up as shown. Allow your arms to rest out to the side releasing the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Gently pulling your lower abdominal muscles, close your eyes, and just lie there.Feel the tension release over the next 3-5 minufoam roller releasetes.








2) Place massage ball between your shoulder blade and your spine. Lean up against a wall. Move up and down slowly to massage the muscles in this area. Make 15-25 slow passes over the tender muscles.

BRIO FItness Challenge for April








3) diaphragmatic breathing: Lie down on your back in a quiet space. Focus on relaxed breathing. feel the belly rise as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out. see if you can lie there quietly for 5 minutes.

BRIO Fitness Challenge for April is a great way to slow down a bit and re-charge the engine. this month chart how many days you can work on these exercises. Set a goal of 80% compliance and let’s see how you do.