Celebrating 1-year anniversary, Post-Covid for this BTC | BRIO superstar

Sid is one of our longtime clients who happens to have Parkinson’s. Over the past several years, Sid has worked with the Baudry Therapy Center team to stay mobile and healthy.

About 14 months ago, Sid was diagnosed with Covid-19. He fought and beat Covid over the next 6 weeks. Today, August 19, 2021, marks one year since Sid was released from inpatient rehab. 

When Sid finally was released to go home, he knew he needed to stay healthy and active. He came back to Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO  and has been working with Mike and Maddie.  With hard work and dedication, he has increased his strength, balance, and coordination.

He now utilizes physical therapy and BRIOfit Plus services throughout the year to manage the ups and downs of Parkinson’s Disease.

“Sid is always working to push his endurance for walking and standing. He breaks his personal record almost every day,” Mike said.

We’re so proud of you, Sid! Keep up the good work.  We can’t wait to see what you accomplish this next year!


Learning to walk again just in time to cruise into Puerto Rico

Julie Buhrer lived a very active lifestyle.  As an Independent Stylist with Cabi, a successful women’s clothing business, she is often required to move heavy racks of clothes. Pilates has always helped her stay in shape and flexible for her job.

The Spring clothing season was about to begin in January when Julie started experiencing debilitating headaches, so painful that she labored to sit up on her own.  She thought it was a sinus headache, but it wouldn’t go away.

After multiple CT scans, CT Meylograms, and MRIs at different hospitals, Julie was finally diagnosed with a rare, spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak which was the size of a buttonhole.

“Dr. Frank Culicchia, a neurosurgeon at West Jefferson General Hospital, took such great care of me.  When he realized that I needed specialized neuro care, he became a fierce advocate for me to go to the Mayo Clinic.  With his help, I became a patient in February and was put on strict bed rest until my blood patch procedures in March and surgery in April.”

“I was very nervous to have this surgery, but I knew it was necessary.  My quality of life had drastically decreased, and I couldn’t do any of the things I use to do,” said Julie. “I had full faith in Dr. Culicchia because he took such great care of me when others hadn’t done so.”

Julie boarded a plane for Rochester, Minneapolis for the Mayo Clinic the second week of March. Her doctors performed two blood patch procedures to plug the leak in her spine.  This procedure was safe and non-invasive, and afterward, they sent her home.

Unfortunately, the first procedures did not work.  She would have to return to the Mayo Clinic in April in a snowstorm for a 5.5-hour spine surgery including a laminectomy of T6-T9 to repair the Ventral Anterior Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak at T-8. Dr. W. Richard Marsh (Mayo Clinic) performed the surgery.

During the surgery, Julie sustained minor nerve damage, and as a result, lost feeling in both her left and right sides.  She regained feeling an hour post-op of the closure of incision wound.  After 1 1/2 weeks in the hospital and the surrounding area of Rochester for monitoring, she traveled back to New Orleans using the assistance of a walker.

Julie said, “A couple of weeks after my second surgery, I returned to Dr. Culicchia for a check-up.  It was extremely difficult for me to get up and I could only walk baby steps.  My gait was bad, forcing me to start at the beginning and learn how to walk again. In addition, I experienced intense pain near my incision and I wanted to wean myself off the pain medication.  Dr. Culicchia recommended physical therapy.”

Julie found Baudry Therapy Center and scheduled her first appointment on May 15 with physical therapist Taryn Cohn and PTA Christina Combel.

“Taryn and Christina were awesome.  They tailored a physical therapy program to my needs and were extremely patient with me and my fear of being reinjured. We started with simple functional exercises to help me get out of bed and rise from a chair. Then they performed soft tissue massage to decrease my inflammation and strengthen my muscles. I received a customized exercise routine, and with their help, I got stronger and gained my confidence to walk normal again.”

“When I met Julie, I knew right away that she was determined, focused on her recovery, and resilient,” said Christina Combel, PTA. “She always gave 110% in the clinic with everything we gave her. Even when she was in horrible pain, she managed to put a smile on our faces with her amazing attitude and her unwillingness to give up. It’s been amazing watching her progress since starting PT!”

Twelve weeks post-surgery Julie’s MRI showed no fluid in the spine and no brain swag.  She was cleared to go on her cruise to Puerto Rico and the southern Carribean.

“I was so excited to be able to go on my cruise and have the strength to tour Fort El Morro in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.”

Taryn Cohn, MPT, OCS said, “Success in physical therapy relies almost entirely on the attitude of the participant.  Desire to succeed and faith that it is possible is required to overcome the sort of obstacles Julie was facing when she started rehab.   It has been a real pleasure watching Julie achieve her goals and get back to the life she loves.”

“My overall experience with Baudry Therapy Center has been phenomenal.  Everyone knew my story and was wonderfully supportive and compassionate throughout my PT journey.  I can’t say it enough. I couldn’t have done it without them. I am so blessed.”





A Match Made in Heaven: Marbury and Jen

When Marbury Little was diagnosed in 1991 with Lymphedema, she began treatment at a local hospital.  In 1996, she met Jen Miller, Baudry’s in-house occupational therapist, who had started her career working at the hospital Marbury was being treated. Little did they know, but a long-lasting friendship and therapy partnership has just begun.

Marbury’s insurance allowed her 26 occupational therapy visits, so Marbury and Jen worked together for the duration. But when the allotted visits had lapsed, she stopped treatment altogether.

“While I loved working with Jen, I knew that lymphedema was not curable, so I decided to go along my merry way,” said Marbury.

“After years of no therapy, my arm had ballooned up making it very difficult to put on clothes. And I love clothes!  I had a closet full of beautiful clothes that I wanted to wear but couldn’t fit my arm into.  All the money I had spent on fashion and they were useless.  I was wearing long-sleeved shirts year-round and it was so hot, especially in the summers.”

Time for Therapy (Again)

Marbury decided that it was time to start investing in her health again, but she didn’t want to start therapy with just anyone.  She wanted Jen.  She searched for Jen online and after multiple phone calls found out that she was working at Baudry Therapy Center.

“I began going to Jen two times per week for an entire year to receive manual lymphatic drainage and to do my exercises.  Jen was relentless in her passion and her commitment to me, which made me want to work harder.  Whatever Jen said to do, I did.”

Lymphedema is not curable, but there are so many things you can do to help manage it.  Jen educated Marbury on the disease and the treatment process and emphasized that persistent hard work would be necessary to make gains.

“Many people told me that there was nothing to be done for lymphedema, but Jen said she would prove that theory wrong.  And she sure did.  After several treatments, I started to notice remarkable changes in the size of my arm.  I was able to put on my clothes again.”

After a year of going to therapy twice per week, Jen said that I had progressed so much that I could drop to once per week for therapy.

Match Made in Heaven

“My results have been remarkable.  Every month the swelling goes further down.  Unless my arms are side by side the average person wouldn’t be able to tell I have lymphedema.”

“Marbury is a force to be reckoned with,” said Jen Miller, OT.  “When she sets her mind to something, she succeeds 100% of the time.  I am so proud of the hard work and dedication she has demonstrated during her treatment. It wasn’t always easy for her, but she never gave up.”

“Any time I start to feel down that there isn’t much progress, Jen pulls out the tape measure and we measure my arm.  And sure enough, my measurements show positive progression.  It’s truly been phenomenal progress.  Jen has been my constant cheerleader throughout this journey.”

Occupational therapy has also helped Marbury increase mobility in her arm and shoulder. She can now raise her arms to put on her clothes.

“I can’t thank Jen enough for all that she has done for me.  She has given me a newfound sense of confidence that has been lacking in the past.  I’m even wearing ¾ sleeves now.”

Marbury was also trained in self-short stretch compression bandaging, Jen helped her find and order a nighttime compression garment and a daytime compression sleeve.

“I know that Jen cares as much or more than I do about my arm,” said Marbury.


About Lymphedema

Lymphedema is an accumulation of protein-rich fluid in an arm or leg. The most common form of lymphedema in the United States is a result of treatment from Breast Cancer. Treatments such as surgery, removal of lymph nodes, and/or radiation, can contribute to lymphedema problems.

The good news is that Lymphedema CAN be treated and managed. Baudry Therapy offers an aggressive treatment program for Lymphedema. Learn more>>>

PT helps dancer recover from injury 

Lindsey Zan loves to dance, mostly West Coast Swing and the Argentine Tango! While preparing for a performance in the West Coast Swing, Lindsey increased her training to 2-3 hours of lessons per day, as well as walking between 15,000-25,000 steps. She would also dance well into the night, from 11 pm – 3 am, perfecting her routine, which included dips, backbends, and a few lifts. In addition, she went to Buenos Aires to train and dance the Argentine Tango for 10 days. Her training was taking a toll on her body.

“Towards the end of my trip, I was exhausted” said Lindsey. “I missed a step walking downstairs, which caused immediate lower back pain any time I tried to extend or bend my back. Because I continued to train and dance my routine, I didn’t have proper recovery time.”

After a few days, Lindsey was able to walk, but felt pain any time she bent over to the front, side, or back. She was forced to restrict her movement, which impacted her ability to perform her dance routine to the fullest.

From the clinic to the stage

Lindsey came to Baudry Therapy Center and received manual therapy, dry needling, and corrective exercises targeting her core and hips to return to full dancing activities.

After 8 weeks of therapy, Lindsey’s back pain was 100% eliminated and she had fully recovered her range of motion and strength. She was able to dance and train every day with no issue!

“I waited two months before going to physical therapy and I wish I hadn’t waited,” said Lindsey. “Ignoring the pain and hoping it would go away wasn’t working.”

A true talent

“I could tell Lindsey loves to dance by the way she talked about teaching and performing.  She was unable to do something that she loved to do, but she was determined to get back,” said Kevin Dessauer, PT.  “Lindsey not only returned to 100%, but she learned how to continue taking care of her body as she ramped up training again.  It was nice to see her make such great progress throughout PT.  I’m certain she will continue to have success moving forward.”

“Kevin and Rich are great! I highly recommend them and the rest of the Baudry team. The facility is really nice and feels more like a gym than the typical PT clinic,” said Lindsey.

Anesthesiologist makes full recovery with PT

Kraig de Lanzac, MD has a busy schedule working as an anesthesiologist, but still fits in regular gym activity like cardio and strength training. Over the course of time, Kraig suffered from a lumbar disc extrusion, which caused him to have urgent surgery, secondary to foot drop and severe pain.

“This was my second back surgery and I worried about returning to my active medical practice of anesthesiology, as well as being as active and pain-free as I was before surgery,” said Kraig.  “In addition, I wanted to avoid future injury.”

Kraig visited Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO and received “customized exercise and additional tools to combat the occasional flare-up of back pain, thanks to the team at Baudry.”

Kraig gained confidence that when pain arises, he could use his training to help minimize pain and recovery timeframe.

After 12 weeks in physical therapy, Kraig returned to the gym and is working just as actively as he did before surgery.

“Kraig was committed to the recovery process from day one.  He frequently asked what he could be doing at work and home to get better.  He was very consistent with his exercise routine and made smart changes to his lifestyle,” said Kevin Dessauer, PT.  “Kraig took the time to learn what it takes to keep himself moving well, so he could heal well and reduce the risk of re-injury.”

Kraig added, “I loved going to my physical therapy sessions at BTC.  After being down about a second back surgery, I was looking for some positivity that I got from the team at Baudry.  We always had a good time, while getting the work done.”

If you are someone you love has had surgery and wants to return to the activities they enjoy, call Baudry | BRIO today and schedule your evaluation today!

Track and Field Competitor Returns to the Field

Michael Arata is a fierce Track and Field competitor, contending in the Decathlon, Pentathlon and various Sprint races (50M, 100M, 200M, and 400M). While training for these track events, Michael suffered a right Achilles injury.

“I couldn’t walk or perform any type of athletic training without severe pain,” said Michael. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to return to any form of competition.”

Michael relied on Baudry Therapy Center to get him back on track. Baudry PT Josh Bryant performed a comprehensive Return to Sport evaluation on Michael, which included Y Balance Assessment, Functional Movement Screen, running analysis, etc.

“As an athlete and PT, I know how important it is to get back to training fast,” said Josh. “I also understand how scary it can be to think that an injury can stop you from doing something you love so much.”

Josh devised a plan to get Michael back on the track, which included ASTYM, Dry Needling, Manual Therapy, Corrective Movements, and Functional Exercise.
Michael added, “Not only was I able to recover 100% from my injury, but my rehabilitation also surpassed my pre-injury strength, flexibility, and conditioning. I reached a whole new, higher level of ability.”

“I’ve had physical therapy in the past and had an expectation of what I would get and how it would go, but the results at Baudry Therapy Center were so far greater and so much better than I could have ever anticipated. They developed a specific plan for my recovery and continued to adapt the plan as I progressed. That kind of personalized attention made me feel like I got the same level of rehab that professional athletes get. And the results proved it – I finished 4th in the nation in the 100 Meters and won the Bronze in the National Decathlon Championships. Next year I will win, using the program that Baudry developed for me. Thank you!”

“The Baudry staff took a real interest in my recovery and my success. They introduced me to other professionals that added to my recovery and conditioning and helped me achieve my goals.”

“One of the things that sets Baudry Therapy Center apart is our genuine concern for our patients,” said Josh. “Their success is our success and we want to give them every tool to reach their goals. Once we felt confident in his ability to return to an aggressive training schedule, we introduced him to Wyatt Harris, Owner of Sonic Boom Speed Conditioning & Strength Training Academy, who took Michael to the next level.”

Congratulations, Michael, on your recovery and your impressive results! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next competition. Keep shining! Your friends at Baudry | BRIO are proud of you!

Dancing for Parkinson’s

Dance benefits Parkinson’s patients

Rich Baudry recently put on his dancing shoes and accompanied BTC friends Sandra and Calvin Wright and Diane Holzenthal to a Dance for Parkinson’s class. He knew it would be fun, but he was not prepared for just how much he would learn from this 75-minute class.

“The class was very engaging and featured a professional instructor and a live pianist,” said Rich Baudry. “We learned some choreography, what an 8 count was, and how to truly enjoy the moment. But the most valuable thing I learned was just how much this program helps Parkinson’s patients smile and forget about their problems for a little while.”

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Tennis player eliminates back and calf pain and returns to the court

PT eliminates back and calf pain

Eric Holden, an avid tennis player, began experiencing low back pain while on the court. The aching slowly progressed into chronic pain and began to hinder Eric’s daily functioning.

“My low back pain persisted for two years. I feared my injury was permanent and irreversible and if I wanted to continue playing tennis, I would have to accept this significant level of back pain,” said Eric.

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Physical Therapy brings pain-relief and a healthier outlook on life

Shea Soll first injured his left knee in 1988 when he was a young athlete playing basketball, golf, tennis and numerous other sports. He had his first ACL repair shortly after and resumed all activity after his first surgery, but not without regular discomfort. A few years later, Shea tore his ACL again and had it repaired once more.

“Since 1992, I have restricted my sporting activities to just golf as years of wear and tear, cartilage damage and ligament stress made more athletic sports neither a wise option, nor a comfortable one,” said Shea, “My most recent injury was a furthering degradation of the cartilage and a shredded ACL, making it very difficult to continue playing golf. I suffered frequent knee pain even during sedentary activity.”

Shea’s recent increase in knee pain led him to having another knee surgery. Following surgery, Shea came to Baudry Therapy Center with an unwavering commitment to his physical therapy program.

“Shea wanted to give himself the best opportunity to resume golf, a sport he loves to play,” said Kevin Dessauer, DPT at Baudry Therapy Center. “He continued to ask questions and learn throughout the rehab process, which will allow him to continue working on his performance and health beyond physical therapy.”

“I knew my knee would have periodic discomfort because of the anatomical deficiencies that existed,” said Shea. “But I wanted to understand the muscle groups (legs and core) that needed strengthening, so I could provide as much support and stability as possible for my knee joint.”

Kevin said, “While the focus was to rehabilitate Shea’s knee post-surgery, we also wanted to give him the proper education and tools to enhance his overall fitness. Specifically, we wanted to improve his body mechanics by strengthening his core and hip muscles to support his body during athletic activities.”

Getting Back to an Active, Pain-free Life

“I can say with a high degree of confidence that through completing my rehabilitation program at Baudry Therapy Center, my leg and core strength are stronger than they have ever been at any stage in my life. I’ve resumed golfing with little to no discomfort. Most importantly, the experts at Baudry have educated me on the best exercises and how to perform them properly to optimize the benefit. I can now continue with a home regimen to maintain the strength I built at Baudry.”

“I’ve been to several physical therapy centers over the years and Baudry’s approach is best. Their staff attends continuing education conferences and incorporates the latest techniques into their therapy programs. They customize therapy to each patient, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. They truly assist their patients with improving their overall health and fitness.”

If you are someone you love has had ACL repair surgery and wants to return to the activities they enjoy, call Baudry | BRIO today and schedule your evaluation today!

Newman Football Senior Captain Leads Team to Undefeated Record After Ankle Injury

Ankle injury doesn’t stop football captain on the field

It was the second day of spring football practice and Newman senior captain James Poche got tackled while running a routine play. His ankle immediately folded under him. Coming off the heels of a hamstring strain during track season, James was devastated.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said James. “I had just come back to the team and I was eager to show colleges what I had to offer.”

James was diagnosed with a grade II ankle sprain by his doctor and was placed in a boot for 2-3 weeks. After spending a week in the boot, he realized he would need to get back to physical therapy soon if he wanted to play football.

He returned to Baudry Therapy Center and consulted with Josh Bryant, DPT who had a different plan for him.

“We are big believers in active recovery for this type of injury. James really needed to starting working outside of the boot. We removed it during PT and started restoring mobility and reducing swelling,” said Josh.

“Progress came faster than ever. Before I knew it, I was back on the field starting summer practice more motivated than ever before and with no pain or difficulty,” said James.

“Josh and I connected even more when I found out that he had also trained with my trainer and mentor, Wyatt Harris, Director of Sonic Boom. Josh and Wyatt communicated seamlessly about my physical therapy, so they customized a plan that would provide optimal success. Not only did I heal much faster, but I was able to learn things about my body and training habits that prevent future injuries.”

Wyatt Harris, Director of Sonic Boom said, “James is a true blessing. He is the perfect trainee because he wants to be great and is willing to do the small things to get there. This young man is accountable, training year-round. It truly matters to him that he is there for his team and for his coaches. James is a great mix of power and speed at running back – a true throwback athlete. James is a very special and respectable young man that I’m blessed to know and train.”

Josh Bryant, DPT said, “James truly understands what it takes to perform at a high level and is always looking for ways to get better. He feels that the combo of training with Wyatt and working with BTC/BRIO gives him an edge over his competition.”

Baudry | BRIO’s Sports Rehab “Return to Sport” Program

The #1 predictor of injury for athletes is a previous injury. So when an athlete is injured, Baudry | BRIO’s Return to Sport team gets to work with evidence-based care that gives our clients the confidence they need to resume athletic activities.

Baudry | BRIO’s Return to Sport Program begins with a Baudry Therapy Center physical therapy evaluation to identify the injuries that cause the pain and dysfunction that keeps them off the field. With the goal of return to sport in mind, our team designs and implements individualized physical therapy and training programs for each athlete. Learn more

PT helps George Buchert get back to the tennis court and to playing with his grandchildren after knee replacement surgery

George Buchert is a proud grandfather of 7 grandchildren, with two more blessings on the way! He has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, playing tennis, golf and exercising daily. But what he truly loves is spending time with his grandchildren. In fact, he had big plans to play ball with them as they got older.

Recently, George began to suffer with arthritis in several of his joints.

“The pain in my knee severely limited my ability to walk. I could do about 10 minutes before I had to sit down,” said George. “I couldn’t accompany my family on walking excursions. If I tried to walk too much, swelling and pain resulted.”

After consulting with an orthopedic surgeon, George decided to have a knee replacement surgery.

“I asked my physician what I could do to ensure an easy and prompt recovery and he recommended physical therapy to strengthen my legs and my breathing,” said George.

George seeked out Kevin Dessauer, DPT at Baudry Therapy Center to devise a pre- and post-surgery plan to improve leg strength, increase his range of motion, and get his knee fully functional again.

“I told Kevin that if I could return to playing tennis 8 weeks after surgery, that would be an amazing outcome,” said George.

“I love when patients have a specific goal like George did,” said Kevin Dessauer. “He was motivated and willing to do anything and everything that I threw at him throughout the entire process. He would consistently ask me what he could be doing at home to make a difference in his outcome. He put the work in each day not just the days he came to therapy.”

Eight weeks passed and George was on the tennis court hitting balls again.

George said, “I believe working hard to strengthen my knee prior to surgery was the reason I recovered so quickly and with minor pain. With the help of Baudry Therapy Center, I continue to gain leg strength. The team at Baudry was outstanding. They developed a personalized plan for me and the follow through was A+.”

George is pain-free and back to playing tennis and with spending time with his grandchildren.

If you are someone you love has had a knee replacement surgery and wants to return to the activities they enjoy, call Baudry | BRIO today and schedule your evaluation today!