BTC Supports the Community in Global Day of Service

Baudry Therapy Center Pledges to Support the Community in Global PT Day of Service

Baudry Therapy Center will join members of the physical therapy profession for a worldwide effort to give back to the community on October 15, 2016. Designated as PT Day of Service (PTDOS), this one-day event celebrates physical therapists’ dedication to bettering our communities and impacting change.

Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO has chosen to support and serve the Louisiana Walks for Parkinson’s organization for PTDOS.  On Saturday, Oct. 15, the Baudry team will participate in the race at Lafreniere Park. They will be on-hand to assist with any physical therapy needs for Parkinson patients or race participants. In addition, they will help cook and serve jambalaya after the race.

“One of the most rewarding parts of our job is working with our Parkinson’s patients. Living with Parkinson’s is challenging, so helping restore their movement and function truly brings joy to our lives. This event is the perfect way to show appreciation for our patients and gratitude to their families who are their biggest support system,” said Richard Baudry, Owner, Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO.

Celebrating its second year, PTDOS is a chance to show the world how PTs can come together and ignite change. Each act individually may seem small. But collectively, the profession can set in a motion a mindset of helping each other thrive in the best environment possible.

Physical therapists in more than 38 countries have pledged to participate in PT Day of Service to promote servant leadership across the globe.

Billy Crawford: How PT Helped Me

Billy Crawford: How PT Helped Me

As we wrap up National Physical Therapy month, we have one more PT superstar we’d like to highlight: Billy Crawford. Billy is a retired school administrator that has developed a love of tennis in his free time.

While playing tennis, Billy started experiencing pain in his R hip. The pain affected him both physically and emotionally and “upset the rhythm on his daily life” so he decided to seek out a physical therapist to find relief.

In this video, Billy shares how physical therapy has helped him eliminate pain, restore daily function, and perform better on the tennis court.


Warming up before you play tennis can help reduce the risk of injury. Here are a few tips for our tennis players that will help warm up your muscles before you play:

  • Get to the court about 10 minutes early.
  • Use the walk from the parking lot to the court to walk briskly to get your blood flow going.
  • Exercise the big muscle group
  • Don’t be afraid to take 2-3 laps around the court to stay loose and keep the body moving.
  • Take 5-10 practice swings (forehands and backhands) gradually increasing the length and speed of your swing.

If you already have pain and it is affecting your daily life on and off the tennis court, please talk to a physical therapist today!