Fit Across New Orleans City Park’s Running Track Workout

Run the track for a great workout:

  1. easy to compute distance and time intervals
  2. great place to work on running technique and form
  3. great place to work on running speed, power, end explosive conditioning.

Go out to the running track at City Park this weekend, and try Dessauer’s speed, power, conditioning workout:

  • 8 100’s, 30 second rest
  • 2 200’s, 1 minute rest
  • 2 400’s, 2 minute rest

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Making Exercise Fun

Ways to make exercise fun!

One thing I’ve learned about exercise is that it has to be fun for people to stick with it!  For those of you that hate exercise here are a couple examples of how to make it fun.

1) Find a partner

2) Make a game of it!

So for more consistency, and better results: find a friend, play some games and make it fun.

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