New Normal? Or a BETTER Normal!

Physical & Mental Wellness Tips

New normal? How about a better normal?  A better normal might begin with a focus on better health.  Here are some tips to nourish your mental and physical health.

Develop a BRIO mindset:

  1. Stay socially active, either virtually or from 6-feet away. Call a friend.
  2. Learn something new or pick up a new habit (get a Ukele, learn to hula hoop, or salsa).
  3. Choose gratitude – Write down what you are hopeful for, OR send someone a thank you note for their friendship.
  4. Increase your spiritual health.
  5. Go back to work!

Develop a BRIO body:

  1. Establish a new healthy routine –  It’s the little things that you do, that make the biggest difference.
  2. Build out your weekly exercise schedule- Build exercise into your daily schedule,150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, including 2 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio, flexibility, or balance training.
  3. Set a new physical goal – Daily push-ups, keeping a run/walk schedule, or increasing how long you can plank. Challenge yourself with a fitness goal.

A BRIOlife is a life that exudes the vim, vigor, and vitality needed to live well. Want to get your BRIO back?  Not sure where to start?

Baudry Therapy Center can help you focus on your goals, stay positive, and take action.  It’s kind of our thing! In fact, it’s our mission.  We get excited about helping make you better off for spending time with us!  Give us a call at 504.841.0150 and get started today!

30-Day Posture Challenge: Will You Accept?

Rich Baudry and Mr. Bones explain how poor posture can affect your health. Take our 30-day Posture Challenge and eliminate tension and pain in your neck.
With the amount of computer work and cell phone usage throughout the day, coupled with the stress we carry around in our daily lives, it’s no wonder why we have poor posture and neck pain. Improving your posture can help alleviate that tension in your neck and start your journey to better health.

Rich and Mr. Bones have thrown down the gauntlet and invite you to join in the 30-Day Posture Challenge to improve posture and feel stronger.  It’s only 10 minutes per day.  Are you up for the challenge?  Since you’ve been given a gift of free time, we encourage you to use it wisely to take care of your #1 asset – your health!


Baudry Therapy Center demonstrates the proper exercises to improve posture and eliminate neck pain.
Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding this challenge or other concerns you would like to discuss with our team.  We’re here (standing tall) ready to assist you at any time!  Call us at 504.841.0150.