BRIO 2023 Vision: Setting SMART Goals for a Healthier YOU

The New Year has begun and we want to check in on your goals and resolutions.  Do your goals include a vision? What’s your inspiration?   We call that inspiration BRIO!  It’s the vim, vigor, vitality that inspires you to live a full life!  And we want to help create a clear path for a healthier YOU! Our team of movement experts will help you take stock of the experiences that were most energizing and inspiring for you during 2022. Those moments reflect your values and strengths and will become the building blocks from which you can create your 2023 vision.  Here are a few steps to help you begin:

Set Clear SMART Goals

While we all have great intentions, the only way to truly achieve your dreams is to set clear goals. Most of our accomplishments in life start as ideas, which get refined into goals. Then, commitment and a strategically planned out action plan are what ultimately bring about success. Your roadmap to more BRIO in 2023 starts here.

Get a note pad and answer the following question:

  1. What do you really want to achieve in 2023?  Dig deep, dream big, and write down some ideas. Be creative, and without limit. What inspires you?
  2. Do you want to run faster, run a marathon? Or is it to get rid of back pain, lose weight, or look better in the mirror? Or maybe to graduate from college? Use the answer to this question to start setting goals.
  3. Take the most important wants and write a SMART goal: That is a goal that is Specific,  Measurable,  Attainable,  Relevant/results-oriented, and Timely.

Here is a sample goal: I will run one 10K race each quarter this year, and one-half marathon this year, to become an advanced runner, lose 15 pounds, and to be able to ski this Mardi Gras season.

Now check to see if it is a SMART goal:

Is this goal Specific? 

Have I answered the “W” questions?

  • Who is involved?  Me, my running shoes, and the road.
  • What do I want to accomplish?  To run four 10k and 1 half marathon, lose 15 pounds, and be ready to ski during Mardi Gras.
  • Where will this happen? At the four 10k’s and one-half marathon selected.
  • When will this happen? One race each quarter ending in December.
  • Which requirements and restraints will be part of the process? I will sign up for races in each quarter.
  • Why am I setting this goal? To become an accomplished runner, lose 15 pounds, and be in shape for skiing during Carnival.

Example of a Non-SMART Goal: I want to run more races to lose weight. This is not specific.

 Is this goal Measurable? 

  • How many? Four 10k races and one-half marathon.
  • How will I know when it is accomplished? When I finish my last race.
  • What is at the finish line? December 31, 2023 (complete my goals, lost weight and able to ski)

Is this goal Action Oriented/ Attainable:

Ask yourself is this goal realistic? Yes, I have been an off and on runner for the past four years. I run about 6 miles per week currently. With a proper training schedule, I should be able to achieve these goals within the year.  I am at least 85% confident I can accomplish this goal.

Is this goal Realistic/ Results-oriented:

Yes, this goal is to become an accomplished runner, lose 15 pounds and to be able to ski during Mardi Gras. This goal results-oriented and is important to me.

Does this goal have Time constraints?

Yes, it must be achieved by the end of the year.

Through this exercise, we’ve determined that we have a SMART Goal.

Do you need help developing your SMART goals?  Let our team of physical therapists help you elevate your BRIO in 2023. Call today to book your  PT evaluation.



Heat Stroke: Facts and Stats

Heat stroke is not something many people think about until it becomes a medical emergency.  Heat stroke occurs when the body’s temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit due to long periods in the heat or exerting yourself through physical activity in the heat. Here are some facts and preventative measures you can take to help keep you prepared as the summer temperatures continue to rise.

What are the signs of heat stroke?

  1. High body temperature
  2. Hot, DRY skin
  3. Fast, strong pulse
  4. Passing out
  5. Slurred speech
  6. Confusion

If you or someone around you starts to show symptoms of a heat stroke, here is what you should do:

  • Immediately call 911
  • Move to a cooler shaded area
  • Apply ice to armpits and groin areas
  • Soak in cool or cold water
  • If seizures are occurring, move objects they may come in contact with

Heat Stroke is NO joke

  • Heat stroke is among the leading causes of death in young adults and teens. This is largely due to heat strokes occurring during practices and sporting events outdoors. Most cases of heat stroke can be prevented in this age group.
  • There has been an increase in the number of heat stroke deaths since the year 2000 with the elderly still making up the majority of heat stroke deaths.
  • Over 9,000 documented heat stroke deaths occurred between 1979 and 2013. This is believed to actually be higher, but certain deaths were not documented as being caused by heat stroke on death certificates.
  • The last 30 years has seen an average rate of 1 heat stroke death per 2 million people in the US. There are years when this rate spiked due to severe heat waves and/or humidity.