Good Morning Exercise!

Are you slow moving in the morning?  Is your back stiff when you wake up? If so, you’re not alone.

Many of us feel this way in the morning. It could be from the activity of the previous day, or just the fact that your body has been sedentary all night. Our bodies crave movement and when we are still at night our bodies tend to get stiff.  Like the oil in our car, our joints have fluids which help them glide better.  Moving helps lubricate the joints allowing them to move more freely.

Try these easy activities to loosen up and jump-start your mornings:

Pull Knees to ChestLie on your back, pull your knees to your chest and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

Rock Knees Back - ForthStill lying on your back and holding your knees to your chest, rock your knees back and forth in a smooth controlled manner for 2-3 minutes.

Arch BackNext, lie on your stomach and press up with your arms to arch your back. Repeat 10 repetitions.

Cross ArmsFinally, sit on the side of the bed, cross your arms across your chest and rotate back and forth. Repeat 30 times each way.

What is your favorite morning exercise that gets your body geared up and ready for the day? Leave a reply below and let us know!

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Get your mind, body & soul moving in the morning & give these exercises a try.

Add Variety to Avoid Overuse Injuries

Variety, the spice of life.

Everything in moderation.

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

We all have heard these old adages. Usually from our mothers…such wisdom. When it comes to exercise, sports, and training these adages certainly hold true.

All too often we find ourselves treating people for overuse injuries.  Too much of even a good thing can cause problems. We see it in athletes, office workers and now even in kids who play year round sports! Repetitive motion can cause breaking down of muscles, tendons, and ligaments leading to soft tissue injury.

Although our bodies are very resilient and have an incredible capacity for healing, recovery and soft tissue repair takes time. Overuse injuries occur when the body’s recovery process is not able to keep up with the tissue break down occurring with the offending activity. Runners, tennis players, golfers, and even office workers often fall prey to these types of injuries.

To avoid injury, pay attention to the little warning signs. It may be just a little twinge with activity or an ache after activity. Do not ignore these signs! Rather, address the problem early on with professional advice.  Overuse injuries usually respond well to rest, physical therapy, and modified exercise provided the injury is caught soon enough.

Tips to avoid overuse injuries, add variety:

For office workers:  change up how you sit, use your mouse, where your phone sits, and how often you get up.

For runners:  spread your heavy runs out to allow time for recovery, lift weights (especially for the upper body), and add core exercises to your routine.

For tennis players and golfers:  hit less balls , add resistance training with core strengthening and other fitness activities to keep you conditioned.

For kids: be careful with year round sports, be a kid and enjoy a variety of activities and sports, and watch for signs of overuse.

So whether you’re an elite athlete, a housewife, or an office worker don’t let overuse injuries spoil your fun. Add variety to your workouts and stay healthy.

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