Margie gets a new lease on life at 77 with physical therapy

Physical therapy helps turn back the age clock

Margie Morton, an active 77 year old, has a new lease on life after her physical therapy and wellness training.  Her amazing attitude on aging, along with her determination and hard work, allowed her to return to the activities that she loves pain-free…walking, biking, exercising, tennis and shopping! Here’s how Margie turned back her age clock:

I started experiencing hip pain this year, which resulted from two old car accidents. In both cases, I was rear-ended and suffered disc injuries in my lower spine and upper neck. I’ve always been active for my age, but I began walking with a slight limp so I decided to see hip and back specialist.

My doctor recommended a personal trainer to strengthen my muscles, but I have not had much success with trainers. My husband suggested Baudry Therapy Center where he is currently in therapy for Parkinson’s. He thought a fitness program run by physical therapists would be beneficial.

“The Baudry/BRIO team helped Margie work through the issues, by providing a pathway for success. And then all it took was the belief, hope and determination to get back on track,” said Rich Baudry.

Margie’s Physical Therapy and Wellness Results

After receiving manual therapy from the Baudry Therapy team, my limp was gone and my hip pain was much better. I increased the strength in my leg and no longer needed to push to rise out of a chair. Stairs are now a piece of cake.

My walks have even improved and I feel great after my hour-long workout. I can even shop the rest of the day!  Not sure if my husband is totally happy with that!

Unexpected benefits

I’ve lost a few pounds but I’ve lost significant inches in my core which has improved my posture. I’ve had to go down two dress sizes.  I feel better, look better and my pain level is much improved.

A New Outlook on Life

I began to accept that being out of shape and in pain was part of getting older, but Baudry sure changed my outlook. I feel confident about the exercise they suggest. Baudry therapists constantly assess your body and your progress. The facility is modern and and very well kept. I have recommended them to all my friends and several have joined. Everyone there is very helpful and friendly, from the receptionist to the therapists.

A Baudry | BRIO Champion

When asked about Margie’s PT success, Rich Baudry said, “Margie’s physical therapy and fitness program was built with her felt needs and desires in mind. Her success has been based on her trust in the team, and her willingness to put in the work. So often people give up on the things they love because of aches and pains they wrongly assume they will just have to live with. And many times the medical advice they receive squanders hope and falls short of solving the problem.  But through education, guidance, and commitment, there is always the potential to get better. Margie sure proved that, another Baudry/BRIO champion! We are proud of her efforts and love that she is able to again enjoy the things she loves.”

If you or a loved one is experiencing any type of pain, call Baudry Therapy Center.  We can help you turn back your age clock and get back to doing the activities you love!

Recovery Treatments That Work Best for Athletes

How Athletes Heal: Which Recovery Treatments Work Best

Olympic athletes compete at such a high level, taxing their bodies during countless hours of training. Recovery plays an integral part of an athlete’s success, and requires a well-designed treatment plan.  In addition to nutrition plans, athletes utilize a variety of physical treatments and therapeutic procedures.  We’ve seen plenty of evidence at the 2016 Rio Olympics, including cupping and the use of Kinesio tape.

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps displayed his bruises from the popular cupping therapy, a technique using suction cups that has been practiced throughout Asia for thousands of years.  We also saw Olympic Beach Volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings wearing Kinesio tape. This tape is meant to help stabilize loose joints and relieve strain on damaged soft tissue.

Which Method Works Best?

Cupping, Kinesio tape, dry needling, manipulation, massage, soft tissue mobilization , augmented soft tissue mobilization, ice bath, heat, compression, elevation, active release therapy, acupuncture…the list could go on and on.

And the answer is…

While all of these treatments can work, there are some approaches that are more beneficial than others.  Of course, this depends on the situation, the desired outcome, and the condition treated.  The goal of all recovery techniques is to trigger a physiological reaction. We want to increase healing potential by increasing circulation, facilitating muscle inhibition/relaxation or neuromuscular facilitation. These treatments all have a healing effect.

Olympic athletes who have tried several recovery methods rely on their rehab team’s advice for which is the best treatment for their body. At this level of competition, all athletes need something to rely on.

Our treatments of choice for acute recovery and healing include Dry Needling, ASTYM, manual therapy, neuromuscular education, Kinesio tape, compression, and active release techniques. For more information on Baudry Therapy physical therapy treatments, CLICK HERE.

The key to a speedy recovery is to get a physical evaluation from a licensed physical therapist and choose a treatment based on sound science and a strategic healing plan. Geaux TEAM USA!!!   You can get a FREE evaluation this Friday at B-RIO’s Adult Fitness Day.


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