Building strength and increasing bone density with BRIO

After she was diagnosed with osteoporosis in March, Gwen Maniscalco knew she had to change her lifestyle to strengthen her muscles and reduce the risk of fractures in the future.  She had previously been diagnosed with osteopenia, but over the last two years, she developed osteoporosis.  The osteoporosis diagnosis was a wake-up call. Gwen knew she had to return to Baudry Therapy Center and get back on the “exercise-wagon“ to build muscle strength and increase bone density.


Gwen had always been active and enjoyed activities such as Pilates, bowling, walking, and exercise, but her fitness routine had become less frequent last year due to the pandemic.


Baudry’s physical therapist, Lauren Talley, listened to her diagnosis and her concerns. Together, they created a customized exercise plan.  Each time Gwen would meet her physical therapy goals, Lauren would push the target. This progressive physical therapy plan helped Gwen increase her muscle strength and balance.


“I started balancing on one foot on flat ground, but by the end of my physical therapy, Lauren had me balancing on one foot on a foam platform,” said Gwen. “She continually encouraged me to accomplish more.  I could definitely feel the burn.”


“Baudry Therapy Center gave me the confidence to return to strength training which I continue now with my BRIO program.  I have already recommended Baudry Therapy Center to several of my friends who have also been diagnosed with osteoporosis.”

5 “must dos” to prepare for your ski trip

If you love skiing like I do, or are trying it for the first time, you’ll want to do some preparations to maximize your experience and minimize your risk of injury. Skiing is a physically challenging sport – different from anything you do in everyday life. Here are 5 ways to help you prepare your body for your upcoming ski trip.


Tip #1: Skiing requires strength, especially through your core, hips, and legs. Start with these 5 great strength exercises: hip hinges, step-ups, lat band walk, planks, and clams. For more advanced strengthening, add these exercises: 4-way band resistance, squats, and deadlifts.



Tip #2: In addition to strength, skiing requires good balance and mobility. Try these exercises to help build your stability: single leg stance, hip flexor stretches, calf stretches, adductor stretches, and a lunge with rotation.


Tip #3: Skiing requires cardiovascular endurance, especially with the higher altitudes. Get your aerobic capacity up to speed by:

Walking, running, or doing another aerobic exercise to get your heart rate up to 70% of your max effort for 20-30 minutes at least 3 times per week.


Tip #4: Skiing requires specific skills and techniques. Here’s a great website for ski tips, whether beginner or advanced:


Tip 5: Finally, finish your preparation by scheduling lessons on the mountain. Call the resort to book ahead of time. You will be glad you did.

Skiing is an awesome sport. Don’t let your conditioning level leave you behind. Call us today to have our BRIO team help you get ready. Ann or Paige, our front desk extraordinaries, can help book an evaluation TODAY – 504.841.0150.