Strength Training

"Life is like riding a bike, to keep your balance you must keep moving.
You are stronger than you think."

How To Get Started With Strength Training

Strength is gained when you push your muscles to fatigue.

Technique: Slow and steady movement is advised paying particular attention to going even slower during the change of directions.

Resistance: Select moderate to heavy resistance (a resistance that you can do 12-15 reps with til fatigue).

Sets: Start with 2 sets

Other tips:

  • Get a workout partner
  • Use your dynamic warm up routine before
  • Increase resistance slowly as you are able to do greater than 15 repetitions per set
  • Track your progress
  • Get started today

Benefits of strength training:

  • Burns more calories than cardio
  • Increases muscle mass which increases your metabolic rate, and helps you burn more calories
  • Increases endurance.
4 Ways to Do a Push Up
From the easiest to the most challenging, pick the one that is right for you and start strength training TODAY!

Modified Push Up at Counter

Push Up Plus on Knees

Traditional Push Up

Push Up Off Step

Are You Up For A Challenge?

Take the 50 Push-Up Challenge

Over the course of 30 days, you will be challenged to build up your strength to 50 push ups a day.  This 50 push-up challenge works the arms, chest, back, and core and helps to build overall strength. We already know you can do it.  Are you up for the challenge?

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

What we do every day becomes a habit, and the habits we create become a lifestyle.

If you are having some lingering issues or need help creating healthy habits, come talk to us one on one. We are here to help!

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