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Retain great employees and maximize your bottom line


Why Invest in Employee Performance

Poor employee performance costs companies millions in lost revenue. BRIOworks physical therapy experts keep employees healthy and on the job, saving you money and maximizing your bottom line. Ask yourself these questions:

How difficult is it to retain great employees who are healthy and productive?

How much is employee absenteeism, distraction, and turnover costing your company?

Are workplace injuries driving up your healthcare costs and your risk?

Is your company culture affecting your work productivity and your bottom line?

Lack of a proactive employee healthcare program could be costing you a great deal.

We Get It. It's Not Easy.

We went through the same thing when we opened our clinic. It is terribly difficult to hire and retain great employees who stay healthy (mentally and physically) and focused. And it was costing us greatly! It’s why we started BRIOworks. Don’t get us wrong. We have always been passionate about health, but we were focused on our patients. We didn’t invest the time to promote a culture of health with our employees.

Once we started incorporating proactive health approaches with our team, we saw a direct correlation between employee health, morale and more importantly, our bottom line. With the right training, coaching and education, you too can enjoy a more productive and profitable business. It starts with a culture of health.

We’ve become a trusted health resource for our clients, friends, and family. In fact, our physical therapists can’t attend a party or a family gathering without someone asking about an ache, a pain, or difficulty doing simple tasks. We don’t mind. It’s what we do – we offer good advice. 

But it made us think about those people that may not have anyone to ask for advice (like employees). How great would it be if companies had resources like us (PTs) available to help their employees manage the little things and stay healthy? This motivated us to seek more people to help.

Engage Employees. Boost Productivity.

Your team is only as strong as your weakest player. Maximize your team’s performance and ROI by investing in their health. Helping employees stay healthy will greatly improve productivity and company culture.  The problem is that most employee health insurance plans are costly, and difficult to navigate, leaving employees confused. Uncertain employees are then left to make their health decisions based on insurance coverage. That’s not right!  At Baudry Therapy Center, we understand the frustration. We deal with those same problems. That’s why we spend a great deal of time customizing an employee performance program that fits your needs and budget. Here’s how it works. You will meet with a BRIOworks specialist to create a customized plan for your company that includes on-site and virtual training, enlightened exercises, and health education. The result is a happy, healthy workplace where employees are able to do a good job for you!  Ready to get started? Call us today to schedule your consultation at 504.841.0150.

What's the process?

Schedule an appointment with a BRIOworks specialist.


Let us create a customized plan to keep your employees healthy.


Watch your employees thrive and your bottom line soar to new heights.


What's my investment?

We know that no two companies are alike, so we customize our BRIOworks plans and prices according to company size, goals, and budget. Our clients can choose from a variety of services, including:

Health Education

Onsite Physical Therapy

First Aid/ Early Intervention

Corporate Wellness Presentations

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