Anesthesiologist makes full recovery with PT

Kraig de Lanzac, MD has a busy schedule working as an anesthesiologist, but still fits in regular gym activity like cardio and strength training. Over the course of time, Kraig suffered from a lumbar disc extrusion, which caused him to have urgent surgery, secondary to foot drop and severe pain.

“This was my second back surgery and I worried about returning to my active medical practice of anesthesiology, as well as being as active and pain-free as I was before surgery,” said Kraig.  “In addition, I wanted to avoid future injury.”

Kraig visited Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO and received “customized exercise and additional tools to combat the occasional flare-up of back pain, thanks to the team at Baudry.”

Kraig gained confidence that when pain arises, he could use his training to help minimize pain and recovery timeframe.

After 12 weeks in physical therapy, Kraig returned to the gym and is working just as actively as he did before surgery.

“Kraig was committed to the recovery process from day one.  He frequently asked what he could be doing at work and home to get better.  He was very consistent with his exercise routine and made smart changes to his lifestyle,” said Kevin Dessauer, PT.  “Kraig took the time to learn what it takes to keep himself moving well, so he could heal well and reduce the risk of re-injury.”

Kraig added, “I loved going to my physical therapy sessions at BTC.  After being down about a second back surgery, I was looking for some positivity that I got from the team at Baudry.  We always had a good time, while getting the work done.”

If you are someone you love has had surgery and wants to return to the activities they enjoy, call Baudry | BRIO today and schedule your evaluation today!

Track and Field Competitor Returns to the Field for a Bronze Win

Michael Arata is a fierce Track and Field competitor, contending in the Decathlon, Pentathlon and various Sprint races (50M, 100M, 200M and 400M). While training for these track events, Michael suffered a right Achilles injury.

“I couldn’t walk or perform any type of athletic training without severe pain,” said Michael. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to return to any form of competition.”

Michael relied on Baudry Therapy Center to get him back on track. Baudry PT Josh Bryant performed a comprehensive Return to Sport evaluation on Michael, which included Y Balance Assessment, Functional Movement Screen, running analysis, etc.

“As an athlete and PT, I know how important it is to get back to training fast,” said Josh. “I also understand how scary it can be to think that an injury can stop you from doing something you love so much.”

Josh devised a plan to get Michael back on the track, which included ASTYM, Dry Needling, Manual Therapy, Corrective Movements, and Functional Exercise.
Michael added, “Not only was I able to recover 100% from my injury, my rehabilitation surpassed my pre-injury strength, flexibility, and conditioning. I reached a whole new, higher level of ability.”

“I’ve had physical therapy in the past and had an expectation of what I would get and how it would go, but the results at Baudry Therapy Center were so far greater and so much better than I could have ever anticipated. They developed a specific plan for my recovery and continued to adapt the plan as I progressed. That kind of personalized attention made me feel like I got the same level of rehab that professional athletes get. And the results proved it – I finished 4th in the nation in the 100 Meters and won the Bronze in the National Decathlon Championships. Next year I will win, using the program that Baudry developed for me. Thank you!”

“The Baudry staff took a real interest in my recovery and my success. They introduced me to other professionals that added to my recovery and conditioning and helped me achieve my goals.”

“One of the things that sets Baudry Therapy Center apart is our genuine concern for our patients,” said Josh. “Their success is our success and we want to give them every tool to reach their goals. Once we felt confident in his ability to return to an aggressive training schedule, we introduced him to Wyatt Harris, Owner of Sonic Boom Speed Conditioning & Strength Training Academy, who took Michael to the next level.”

Congratulations, Michael, on your recovery and your impressive results! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next competition. Keep shining! Your friends at Baudry | BRIO are proud of you!

PT helps Ben Wessel battle through Juvenile Dermatomyositis

Dominique Wessel is a loving mother to three amazing boys. In 2003, her youngest son Ben became sick with Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM) soon after his third birthday.  JDM is a rare, life-threatening autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system rejects its own tissue, muscle, skin, GI lining and blood vessels.

Ben’s immune system began attacking his body tissue to get rid of them because it didn’t identify the tissue as being part of his body.  Ben has been in a battle for his life since then.

In 2015, just a few weeks into the first quarter of his freshman year at Jesuit High School, Ben suffered a fierce grip/flare of his JDM.  He was in the fight of his life and had to miss the remainder of the school year.   When he gained enough strength to sit on a sofa supported by pillows and stand for a few seconds on his own without support, Dominique called Rich at Baudry Therapy Center. Here’s her story:

I explained what was going on with Ben and Rich was happy and eager to work with him.  Rich was great therapy for me and Ben.  He understood what Ben was facing and moved with conviction step-by-step with Ben.  It was a long, slow battle for Ben but he could feel Rich’s confidence that he would succeed and get stronger.  They were “poetry in motion” and it brought tears to my eyes to witness!

Rich took care of Ben like he was the only person in the world.  Ben had his full attention.  Rich’s enthusiasm and sincere, thoughtful approach fed Ben in every way, not just physically.  They worked together on Ben’s goals, first to be able to hold his head up. Then they worked on sitting by himself, then standing and later to running around the clinic perimeter. Ben was even able to move his limbs with heavy resistance bands.  Rich worked his whole body.  They worked with Ben for a very long time.  The entire staff was wonderful.

Ben is a very calm and humble person.  He feels God’s presence every minute of every day.  What is so crushing and painful for his dad and me to watch, he faces with such grace and humor.  He and his brothers are best friends and they love spending time together.  We believe in Ben’s dreams and goals.  He is our hero!  He is starting his senior year at Jesuit High School in August and we are very excited for him!  He aspires to go to college and become a radiologist.  God lead the way!

God bless Ben and God bless Rich and Baudry Therapy Center!  I don’t know what we would have done without you.


Ben is OUR hero and it has been such a blessing to work with him. Thank you Dominique for sharing this beautifully inspiring story and for letting us be a small part of Ben’s journey.