PT helps Ben Wessel battle through Juvenile Dermatomyositis

Dominique Wessel is a loving mother to three amazing boys. In 2003, her youngest son Ben became sick with Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM) soon after his third birthday.  JDM is a rare, life-threatening autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system rejects its own tissue, muscle, skin, GI lining and blood vessels.

Ben’s immune system began attacking his body tissue to get rid of them because it didn’t identify the tissue as being part of his body.  Ben has been in a battle for his life since then.

In 2015, just a few weeks into the first quarter of his freshman year at Jesuit High School, Ben suffered a fierce grip/flare of his JDM.  He was in the fight of his life and had to miss the remainder of the school year.   When he gained enough strength to sit on a sofa supported by pillows and stand for a few seconds on his own without support, Dominique called Rich at Baudry Therapy Center. Here’s her story:

I explained what was going on with Ben and Rich was happy and eager to work with him.  Rich was great therapy for me and Ben.  He understood what Ben was facing and moved with conviction step-by-step with Ben.  It was a long, slow battle for Ben but he could feel Rich’s confidence that he would succeed and get stronger.  They were “poetry in motion” and it brought tears to my eyes to witness!

Rich took care of Ben like he was the only person in the world.  Ben had his full attention.  Rich’s enthusiasm and sincere, thoughtful approach fed Ben in every way, not just physically.  They worked together on Ben’s goals, first to be able to hold his head up. Then they worked on sitting by himself, then standing and later to running around the clinic perimeter. Ben was even able to move his limbs with heavy resistance bands.  Rich worked his whole body.  They worked with Ben for a very long time.  The entire staff was wonderful.

Ben is a very calm and humble person.  He feels God’s presence every minute of every day.  What is so crushing and painful for his dad and me to watch, he faces with such grace and humor.  He and his brothers are best friends and they love spending time together.  We believe in Ben’s dreams and goals.  He is our hero!  He is starting his senior year at Jesuit High School in August and we are very excited for him!  He aspires to go to college and become a radiologist.  God lead the way!

God bless Ben and God bless Rich and Baudry Therapy Center!  I don’t know what we would have done without you.


Ben is OUR hero and it has been such a blessing to work with him. Thank you Dominique for sharing this beautifully inspiring story and for letting us be a small part of Ben’s journey.

Tennis player eliminates back and calf pain and returns to the court

PT eliminates back and calf pain

Eric Holden, an avid tennis player, began experiencing low back pain while on the court. The aching slowly progressed into chronic pain and began to hinder Eric’s daily functioning.

“My low back pain persisted for two years. I feared my injury was permanent and irreversible and if I wanted to continue playing tennis, I would have to accept this significant level of back pain,” said Eric.

In 2017, Eric came to Baudry Therapy Center and received a comprehensive PT plan to treat his low back pain. Over the course of two months, Eric received dry needling, manual therapy and customized functional exercises that eliminated his back pain completely.

“I had nearly lost hope of ever playing tennis again. But with the pain eliminated, I had a renewed optimism and willingness to put in more effort to improve my tennis game.”

Then one day in March 2018, Eric suffered from an acute calf injury which required an immediate stop to all sporting activities. The pain was so intense that it even hurt to walk. Eric returned to Baudry Therapy Center for another round of PT.

“When Eric came back to PT for his calf, I knew he would respond well to treatment because of how much success he had with his back.  Eric’s success (for both rounds of PT) was a result of his commitment to changing habits and working on his health each and every day,” said Kevin Dessauer, PT.

“Rich and Kevin treated me for both of my injuries. They were very accommodating to my needs in relieving pain and gave me the necessary exercise/stretching routines to completely resolve my injury. The instruction provided at Baudry Therapy really does work!”

Living his best life

“Eric’s hard work in PT and his positive attitude has helped him improve his overall health,” said Kevin. “He is now doing twice weekly workouts at BRIO and has even incorporated a healthier diet (with a friendly push from his cardiologist). We are thrilled to say that Eric has returned to the tennis courts pain-free and is truly living his best life.”

In fact, just recently Eric and his friend faced off against Kevin and Rich on the tennis court.

“We had a lot of fun playing tennis with Eric,” said Rich. “He’s got a big game and his newly found mobility was surely evident on the court. Congratulations on your success.”

So who won? Rich recalls “they were being very polite hosts and let us squeak by!”

Eric added, “The entire Baudry Therapy staff has been absolutely upbeat and encouraging. Having lived in pain for so long, the positive energy coming from the entire staff (and I do mean everyone) was truly a great boost for me. Thank you so much to each of you.”