Determine your BRIO Difference in 2018

Leo Flotron’s insights to cultivating change within

It’s been 30 days since many of us made New Year’s resolutions. How are you doing with your goals? Do you need a little motivation to make those daily changes so you can make 2018 the best year yet?  Baudry | BRIO wants to help you make those little changes that will help you achieve your 2018 goals.

As BRIO client Leo Flotron says, “It’s the little things that you do, that you don’t have to do, that will always determine the difference, when it’s too late to do anything about it.”

This January, we were fortunate to have Mr. Leo Flotron come celebrate our 2018 Inspiration board and share some lessons with our staff. Mr. Flotron has had a long impressive career as a  salesman for Benson Mercedes on Veterans Blvd in Metairie. His quote above will serve as the foundation for all of our successes and growth this year.

Leo shared many amazing stories emphasizing and highlighting the fact that it IS indeed the little things you do that make the biggest differences in the end.

As he says you have to keep working at it, “tink, tink, tink”, until you get there. Then, you must keep working hard to stay there.

Leo says that “change is hard for everyone, but it is in change that all growth and achievement is gotten”.

Leo’s 5 steps to cultivate change within:

  1. Keep a positive attitude, ALWAYS. No other trait will produce as much for you as a positive enthusiastic attitude. Make it a priority, every day.
  2. Work hard and give it your FULL effort – As his grandfather told him when he was 8 years old, “Leo, there’s only two things you can control in this life…your attitude and your effort. Don’t ever let anyone outwork you.”
  3. Read. Read. And Read Some More.– Perpetual learning is necessary for growth and continued success. Read the words of your hero’s and the the people you look up to. Many of the strategies that I use every day, I’ve picked up from other people.
  4. Develop GOOD habits – Everyone is influenced by 3 things:
    • what you feed your mind.
    • the people with whom you associate.
    • your environment and the information you let in.
  5. Associate with positive people. We cannot succeed alone. Recognize the value of those around you to make you better.

It’s time to make a difference and start with those small changes that add up to a happier, healthier you!  How will you determine your BRIO difference?

Come visit us at Baudry | BRIO and we will help you realize your inner BRIO.

Our expert physical therapists can help you set SMART goals that are manageable and customized to your body’s ability.  Our 2018 Inspiration Board will give you ways in which you can make daily changes that add up to a happier, healthier you! Call us today at 504.841.0150 and make your appointment.



You’re never too old to get stronger

No age limit on building inner strength

Juju Baudry is 89 years young!  Exercise, specifically walking, has kept her body strong and her spirit young.  Don’t miss Juju’s words of wisdom below:

We love JuJu’s outlook on exercise and on life: “Do a little bit extra than you’re expected to do, and always be happy!”  What a way to unleash your inner BRIO and become mentally and physically strong!

Strength = Better balance. Improved function. Overall better living.

If you have an elderly parent, spouse, or loved one missing out on the joys of life because they can’t get around, YOU CAN HELP!  There is no age limit on getting stronger. Bring your loved one to physical therapy to learn the best exercises to help them get stronger. Better yet, come with them and learn yourself how to facilitate better functioning.

Spending quality time with the elderly is one of the things they enjoy most. It can also be fun for you, too. They still have so much to offer us, so give your time and help facilitate more activity. We promise the positive benefits will surely multiply!

Ready to Get Started

Baudry Therapy Center | BRIO looks can help you and your loved ones develop a healthier lifestyle. Give us a call at 504.841.0410 and schedule your appointment today.  We look forward to helping you unleash your inner BRIO and get your elderly loved ones stronger and enjoying life more!

Get Ski Ready this Season

Exercises to Get Ready for the Slopes

As Carnival season begins in New Orleans, many locals pack their bags and head north for the slopes!  But before you pack your gear, make sure you are properly conditioned for skiing.  Cardiovascular exercise and leg strengthening are a “must” before your trip.  You’re never to old to ski; you just have to properly prepare for it.  Watch Rich demonstrate some exercises that will get you ready for your next ski trip.

Here are some tips to help make it a great, injury-free trip:

  1. Add plenty of cardio to your routine. The air is thin. It’s hard to get oxygen to your muscles. Running, walking or other aerobic activity will help get your cardiovascular system primed for the trip.
  2. Strength training is crucial, especially for your core and legs. Muscle fatigue will reduce your performance. Lunges, step ups or leg presses are all excellent exercises for ski training.
  3. Brush up on your ski fundamentals. YouTube has some great tutorials to get you ready for the slopes!